2016 infiniti qx50 reliability

It has never broken down but I,do keep up on maintenance. They offer nothing to make up for the problems. Vehicle acceleration Ease of folding/adjusting rear seats But, new 16 feels so much more planted and solid over the last model. front seat base is short. from alozs Angelezs If I had to sum up its initial pitch, the QX50 separates from competition such as the Lexus RX and Acura RDX in two ways: first, its squat stance and curvy lines are moderately attractive; and second, the limited sales mean that it’s relatively uncommon in a sea of compact luxury crossovers. Ask her her reaction to a 328i wagon, and you get “Wagons are for old people.” (She feels similarly, but not as extremely, about sedans, and dislikes my preference for them.) Trying to get Infiniti to respond to the new DMV for a copy of the car title has been the most frustrating experience ever. Ask her her reaction to an X3, and you get “neat car.”. Indeed, rear legroom is dramatically improved in the new QX50, but context is necessary — the Volkswagen Golf has 35.6 inches of rear legroom and doesn’t have abnormally long rear doors like the QX50. It was a no-brainer for the U.S., but to justify significantly updating the car for our market, it needed sales — and to sell, it needed to be upgraded. The infotainment system is also a big upgrade over the last model Forester and even the qx50. With a significant revamp that includes a roomier cabin and more standard features, the 2016 Infiniti QX50 is a serious contender among small-luxury crossover SUVs. Standing on the gas is rewarding — briefly. The Verdict: The 2016 Infiniti QX50 offers great value in a luxury SUV, with pleasant driving dynamics to boot, but buyers looking for the latest styles will want to shop other stores. As SUV’s go, it has the look of a sporty vehicle, much like a sports car. Driving rating. That car — with its 3.5-liter V-6 — never gained traction with U.S. buyers, who were enamored with more efficient cars from the likes of Lexus and Acura. Same thing with the Cayenne which I really liked, but couldn't stomach the price w/ the V8 and big wheels combined with the possible repair bills post warranty. I would recommend it to everybody that I know especially for the price. I shall never buy another Infinity. Quieter, unless you have the IPL loud pipes. Had a 2012 FX35. Exterior rating. 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Car is very reliable. with nearly 300 horses (3.5 Litre) this 2012 version will “git” when called upon. That’s because the car, which sold at a phenomenally slow pace in the U.S., has been thrown a lifeline from overseas. It is kind of short on luggage space, even with the back seats down.

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