2019 toyota prius prime

There's enough in-cabin storage for the daily odds and ends, and the cupholders will securely hold beverages under the circumstances in which most Priuses are typically driven. Speaking of dragsters, my feelings about the Prius are always like, oh my god, it's the slowest car you can buy. ELANA SCHERR: Oh my god. You couldn't tell otherwise. You can't go wrong with either one. Stepping up to the XLE trim brings 17-inch wheels, automatic wipers, keyless entry for the front passenger door and rear hatch, SofTex simulated leather upholstery and wrapped steering wheel, a power-adjustable driver's seat, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a semi-gloss black center console and a wireless charging pad. Some automakers include roadside assistance with their bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranties, while others have separate policies. ELANA SCHERR: Why don't you get in the front seat? ELANA SCHERR: I could get used to the information being in the center console. If you're interested in the Toyota Prius, the next question is, which Prius model is right for you? All 2019 Prius models receive a slight styling refresh that replaces some polarizing body panels with more conventional ones. I mean, the shifter in the Prius started out weird when they first introduced the car. The stereo in this Prius doesn't have Apple CarPlay, but that's going to change in 2020. Extremely quiet in EV mode, but the engine provides a noticeable hum, which is exacerbated when the transmission keeps the engine's rpm high. And you do feel that when you're going around corners because it doesn't feel tippy. Haunted house? Broken or uneven pavement doesn't upset the car or translate into a harsh ride quality. The Prius and the Insight we have here are standard hybrids-- no range anxiety or need for a home charger. DAN EDMUNDS: Yes. The added weight (between 145 and 170 pounds) and power needs for the extra motor minimally affect the Prius' exemplary fuel efficiency. 1 recall. There's generous room in front for heads, legs and shoulders. Also standard is a 6.1-inch touchscreen display, a rearview camera, Bluetooth, a front USB port and two rear charge ports and a six-speaker audio system. The L Eco trim is equipped with ultra-low-rolling resistance tires, a lighter hybrid battery, and an inflation kit instead of a spare tire. But in the end, the Insight is higher ranked on the Edmunds rankings. In this car, you've got the normal mode, which is just fine. Each of these is a great daily driver. You can charge up here. A couple of years ago, they redesigned the car completely, made it look a little bit more like a Dart. ELANA SCHERR: I will say, though, that the graphics that tell you how you're doing and what's recharging what and how full your battery is are a super fun game. Acceleration is smooth. Acceleration is adequate. The ratings in this review are based on our full test of the Toyota Prius XLE AWD-e Hatchback (1.8L inline-4 hybrid | CVT automatic | AWD). The LE trim adds a rear window wiper, front seatback pockets, a spare tire, parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and an automated parallel parking system. Like many competing systems, the adaptive cruise control is overly sensitive and slams on the brakes as drivers enter your lane. But nowadays, they're really affordable. And the car doesn't roll as much in corners because the center of gravity isn't as high. LOVE IT! We cover everything from this hybrid's real-world fuel economy to seat comfort and cargo space. In keeping with the Prius becoming more mainstream, the numeral-based trim levels have been replaced with a more familiar structure of names including L Eco, LE, XLE and Limited. Detailed rating breakdowns (including performance, comfort, value, interior, In our emergency braking test, the Prius posted an average stopping performance. Edmunds has all the latest NHTSA and IIHS crash-test scores, plus industry-leading expert and consumer reviews to help you understand what it's like to own and maintain a Toyota Prius. For one, I've never been a fan of the centrally-mounted instruments. First of all, it's a very friendly car. I like them both and there's things I don't like about them both-- the noise in the Insight and the brake pedal feel of the Prius, but those two things kind of cancel each other out. Car's a little bit narrower than I might like, but certainly my headroom and leg room-- plenty of that. You can interact with your phone's mobile assistant, but you hold the phone call button, rather than the more common voice control button, to access it. sale near. DAN EDMUNDS: Oh, it's a close call. Few reimburse incidental costs like motel rooms (if you have to wait for repairs). I mean, yeah, you don't have to pay a lot of money to save money on gas. prices as low as $33,793 and mileage as low as 0 miles. The seats and suspension were designed to be comfortable for long stints on the road. Find a new Toyota for sale - 6 great deals out of 17 listings starting at $25,431. It's also not a forced look anymore. *MSRP and Invoice prices displayed are for educational purposes only, do not reflect the DAN EDMUNDS: If I have to give it one positive point, it's because if your eyes don't focus as well as they used to, it's further away than it would be if it was right here. You can fit a lot of different models in it. We put the vehicles through rigorous testing, evaluating how they drive and comparing them in detail to their competitors. ELANA SCHERR: This is a really pretty road, and it's also a very curvy road. Otherwise, the Prius AWD-e is similarly outfitted as its front-wheel-drive stablemates. To learn more about the Toyota Prius of this generation, read about our experiences from living with a 2016 Toyota Prius. And if you're going slow enough, you can cruise along a little ways in electric mode. Elana, how are you doing in back? We actually feel that this is one of the very best cars we have ever owned! Multiple price quotes will give you additional power in negotiations and save you I couldn't hear you about that engine there. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah. It provides additional traction upon initial acceleration and, when needed, up to 43 mph. It's got the number one spot. The 2019 Toyota Prius is a four-door hatchback that seats five passengers. Steering still carries the artificial electric boost and feel that most Prius drivers will instantly recognize. Happy to have the AWD for my slippery, slopey, snowy driveway in winter. Its front wheels struggled briefly to pull the car upward until the rear wheels gave it the nudge they needed. If you're looking for these features, you'll have to look elsewhere. Of these, the AWD-e will be offered only in the midgrade trims. Simply put, the Prius AWD-e is more sure-footed and capable on snow — precisely what the added mechanicals intended to deliver. You will receive a confirmation email from our partners at NewCars.com which will explain the DAN EDMUNDS: Oh, absolutely. How does it drive? I can zip into the narrow parking lot spaces. The Prius is a fundamentally easy car to get in and drive. ELANA SCHERR: I think that's a stretch. Some automakers include free scheduled maintenance for items such as oil changes, air filters and tire rotations. If you live in an area that has snowy or icy roads during the winter, the AWD-e could provide extra traction. We've been on a long drive for this shoot, and I have not wanted to get out of this car. And that just makes the ride that much more pleasant. Simply research the DAN EDMUNDS: Exactly. Please note that the 2019 Toyota Prius differs from our long-term 2016 model in that the newer model has updated styling and more standard features. It just seems like such a design fail to me. The new Prius is a bit more conventional now, though much of the recognizable hybrid styling remains.

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