40k base sizes

But no, they’re not giving me anything and even if they did it would hardly buy a pool, not even a kiddie pool, lol. Perhaps taking a more lenient and common sense approach and have it be legal to use the two most recent base sizes? The most common 40k bases material is wood. “SHAME!”. I was just trying to put that information out there so people understand some of the challenges faced in orchestrating all of this for events that are very big. However the new sizes of the models have a far larger impact on gameplay than changing base sizes due to line of sight. Just like magic boxes have made their way everywhere. CR - Clear Round It sure will, thanks. Oh man, this is funny! If they had moved to 32’s it’s a non issue. With how auras work in this edition, and deepstriking units. The deadline for model approval was a while back, FYI, in the future be sure to ask these questions on time. Last year for example, we had a guy using Gundams as Riptides and we found someone willing to let him use their Riptides and they were a fairly close match to the army colors. What percentage of sales are you getting from Squad Marks? Yes, as the case with the Vindicaire Assassin, I could imagine someone putting it on a 3ft tall pillar…. Sign up today! To be clear, I think most people gunning for the top really don’t care what terrain is there, we just want to know what to expect. Excited for class when it comes back. Submit all relevant rules questions and model approval requests, here. To avoid modeling for advantage, I plan on matching the same height as if I was using the stands. Boss is telling me to download software but they didn't provide me a work computer so I'm using my own. Obviously some form of basing guidelines are good or you could have people turning up with SM captains on knight bases for a bigger aura or other such shenanigans. 40mm R: Krootox, Aun'va, and Firesight Marksman So, it will be a bit bumpy right out the gates but we’ll get it done. Thanks for the basing chart. •flash gitz are on 40s But those are clearly 25mm bases. Tactical Marines, Dreadnought, etc.) Is there a general terrain “Layout” we should be aiming for at the LVO tables? We saw it for Age of Sigmar (going from square to round bases) but with 40k its been more subtle. Used mostly for larger infantry. We gain nothing from it, though. If you think it’s such a personal insult, perhaps don’t go (which it doesn’t look like you are?) And then all hell broke loose, and I swear there were like 3 different sizes of IPA indy brews, cans and bottles, to buy at SoCal (that Red Horse was good, I’ll admit), but … man. Ovals - Various Sizes ThePhalanxConsortium. The global marketplace for vintage and handmade items. Now see, this size thing is really sloppy. Spoilpox Scrivner – Should be on 40mm Round Will this LVO have similar numbers of that table variant? we either have to buy loads of the new box set (OOP) or buy the eldar box set to get the 28mm we have or we cannot play? 40mm R: Mega Nobs From shop ThePhalanxConsortium. It looks like it did at one point come on an 80mm and it also makes very little difference tactically. 50mm R: Patriarch*2 I think you can absolutely make some unilateral decisions on some of them. Also pure strains came on 32mm but genestealers can only be on 25s? As for where to find the info, I'm pretty sure you can find it in the product details on GWs website. 60mm R: Hive Tyrant, Swarmlord, Carnifex*, Old One Eye, Pyrovore, Biovore, With the increased based size, this does impact the Orks on the tabletop. But there are actually other tactics involved other than just combat. Hey, the Astra Militarum “Techpriest Enginseer 2” from GW – the metal one – still comes on the old 25mm base. Awesome job laying all this out! I mean, I understand pitchers were always there (a gallon), but that was meant to be shared. ==================================================================================================== [EDITs by Darkelf - Well done on the original article! It would help immensely with list planning to know we won’t encounter any of “planet bowling ball” which has 4 rocks wall and some small terrain pieces and thus LoS to everywhere. A Spooktacular FLG Mat Sale: 25% off of Horrorscape! And I don’t mind criticism, the remark about the chart not being done well enough on release is entirely valid and I accept that as ultimately it was my responsibility to make sure it was correct. Enclosed Ruins use the normal Ruins rules per the BRB but with one house-rule we add to them for ease of play: Further, for this event we are playing a second house rule for ruins: There are some rule interactions that create bad play experiences with models trying to fly into an enclosed ruin without this clarification. The models come with bases. The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures, but there are also many video games, board games, books, ect. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Every other base for a unit can be bought from GW or adaptors or individually resin etc.. The newer models topic is another interesting and complex one – it might need to be a new topic! Large Oval LO: stormraven gunship and Nemesis Dreadknight, 25mm R: Rangers and Vanguard Oh, wait. What expressly is not allowed is to have multiple different and conflicting paint and basing schemes and to play them all as the same faction. The one thing that I just noticed that no one is talking about is that the GW streaming policy’s affect whether you make the finals or not. Treat them as impassible terrain. Small Flying Base CR: IC's with Disc of Tzeentch Failure to comply will result in your removal from the finals and your spot being given to the next qualifying player in line (ie. Place the models as close to their true position as possible and then count those models that would have been able to make it within 1″ of enemy models (assuming part of their base could have fit on the upper level) as being in combat. All of us have to be willing to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics to achieve all of the overarching goals. Thanks again for the reasonable informative response. I know last year we had spoken about enclosed ruins and how there weren’t any in the top tables or at least far fewer than at the event overall. GW has the size dimensions for all their bases on the website as well so the particular dimension should be easy to find. Would it kill you to put some effort into the base chart? No Biophagus listed (25mm) 60mm R: Penitent Engines, Grand Inquisitor Karamazov. Do I have to swap out all my old bases?” Well yes and no. The cut-off for new rules material for the LVO 2020 40k Champs will be the 11th of January, 2020. Bike Base LR: Boss/Mech on Bike, 25mm or 32 mm R: Nobs, Lootas, Kommandos, Burnas, Tankbustas In the instance there are more than 12 undefeated players, this could shift to accommodate allowing players without a loss to have a chance to make the finals. in 40K, Las Vegas Open, News. Something we have seen happen – a lot in recent years – is base sizes being updated when a model kit is. I feel like your current chart is too much of an appeasement, which doesn’t really solve the problem. Parasite of Mortrex, 25mm R: Neophyte Hybrids (with normal weapons), Familiars, Brood Brother Infantry Squads, Purestrain Genestealers*1, Biophagus 40mm R: Patriarch*2, Abominant, Nexos and the list what size base it takes. Subscribe to BoLS Prime. Seems like more effort could be used on those things instead of annoying people that actually hobby scenic bases. Be’lakor – Should be on 60mm Round However, the models won’t stand on their own without falling. I love what you guys have done actually! When in doubt, send in pictures for approval. But for our matched play events, we expect people to have armies that look like what most people think an army should look like to make it easy to play the game.

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