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Audi is set to reinvent the R8 as an electric supercar in 2022, according to sources. A decision on whether BMW will opt to spend big and turn the i8 into a pure-electric model or adopt a significantly more powerful hybrid driveline within a modified structure from the existing model is expected to be made during a board meeting in the second half of this year. The BMW i8 SPORT Mode is where the aptitude of the BMW i8 unleashes. The 220-volt power from electric charging station shortens the charge time to about 1.5 hours. While that will spell a sad end to the glorious naturally aspirated V10 engine, it will likely give a substantial performance increase. It maximizes acceleration and power performance while the battery recharges during deceleration and braking. Its quad-turbo six-cylinder beast, and the more economical three-cylinder unit also used in MINI Coopers. Although BMW has studied automotive applications for solid-state battery technology with US partner Solid Power since 2017, one source said such tech is not deemed sufficiently mature for consideration for the next i8. BMWUX empowers you with useful information, the right tools, and better solutions so that you can get the most out of your BMW user experience, Disclaimer: is an independent website sharing information based solely on the author’s opinions. The production version of the BMW i8 was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, and was released in Germany in June 2014. The energy management system is part of the BMW eDrive that manages the Drivetrain. Under a casual driving condition, the BMW i8’s maximum combined driving range is up to an EPA estimated 330 miles with a full tank of gas and a fully charged battery. So, how does this car drive and exactly how energy efficient is the BMW i8? 435 km). Yes, BMW have dropped some of the styling cues which gave the current I8 its individuality, but this second gen car looks good,ok, you could say it’s joining the Herd shape wise, but, having only this artist impression it looks well proportioned, it’s what is underneath that matters...... For goodness sake, Cavellini. However, recent information out of BMW’s R&D headquarters in Munich, Germany, reveals the development of an alternative plan under which the next i8 would adopt a newly developed pure-electric drivetrain. The ChargeNow Card is a cashless charging and payment card offered by BMW to charge i Series at public charging stations and mobility services such as MyCityWay and ParkatmyHouse. Among its innovations is a new generation of electric motor. The BMW i8 creates the ideal balance in the interactions between the electric and combustion motor. Simply put, it is the operating system that optimizes the interaction between the electric motor and the battery to maximize performance and minimize fuel consumption. Maintaining the i8 as a plug-in hybrid may allow BMW to keep it at a more reasonable price point than those cars, which tend to list in the seven-figure range. Its like some weird kind of spam, isn't it? Search. More One possible scenario is to base the future i8 on a modified platform from the production version of the iNext (above), which, unlike the upcoming iX3 and i4, is set to receive a newly developed structure. Podcast revolution: The rise of audio storytelling. Find A … The promised acceleration stats are just as mind-blowing: 0-60mph in less than two seconds and a top speed of more than 250mph. The current R8’s sales haven’t been as strong as its predecessor’s and this radical rethink aims to address that. The BMW 360° ELECTRIC is a solution package offered to the i Series owners. Bosses are at a crucial decision-making stage with the next i8 and senior officials at the German car maker are now said to be favouring a pure-electric model. Read next: Prototype versions of the new electric motor, which is scheduled to be produced at BMW’s drivetrain plant in Munich, have already been tested in i8 mules, according to Munich-based engineering sources. Top Gear reviews the BMW i8, the world's first petrol-electric hybrid supercar. display. A battery-powered R8 will serve as the ‘halo’ model in Audi’s market-leading electrification plans, with targets to sell 800,000 electrified cars by 2025. BMW will cease production of the i8 sometime in April this year, making way for the marque’s upcoming line of all electric battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs), … However, the information on this website is based on our best knowledge and the most objective research and analysis. The ECO PRO in eDrive Mode enables the most energy saving with the most range output supplied by electric power alone. When “Route Guidance” is activated, the energy management system integrates with the navigation to analyze the trip which controls and fine-tunes the vehicle operation. BMW i8 SHARE VEHICLE. The end of the i8 is perhaps not entirely surprising as BMW has been working on a range of all-electric vehicles for a number of years now. This mode maximizes the driving range and fuel saving. The eDrive in COMFORT Mode is purely electric drive. This hybrid mode efficiently adjusts the consumption of electronics equipment in the i8 such as the heating, cooling, and fuel expenditure. So, if you are going for a long drive, COMFORT mode is a good choice. Such a traditional car moving to a plug-in hybrid is a sign of the times. But whereas the i8 has 369 horsepower courtesy of two electric motors and a … The aerodynamic properties, balanced low stance, sharp race-inspired contour and superior technologies make this sustainable super coupe even more desirable. Anyway if it goes ahead PHEV fans won't be able to blame the dropping of the plug-in grant. lol, BMW will decide this year if its new flagship sports car will be electric only or hybrid, Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. The source admitted that although simulation tests under laboratory conditions have brought promising results, it is still not yet ready in the unit capacity that would be required for ranges over 250 miles. Disclosure: is committed to keeping its information transparent, accurate and up-to-date. I posted a few years ago as to they don't dop the engine, gearbox, transmission, exhaust etc.. and replace it with a bigger battery and mod the chassis. For more information, visit our, uses cookies to ensure the best user experience. It looks like a high-tech artifact straight out of a sci-fi movie. That's reflective of the i8… German automaker BMW has confirmed the end is in sight for its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. It is when the unprecedented driving pleasure of a sports coupe unveils. BMW is on the verge of making the next generation of its flagship i8 sports car a fully electric model, according to sources at the firm.. Large performance increases are expected, but it remains unclear if such a heavy system could upset the car’s balance. The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car developed by BMW.The i8 is part of BMW's electrified fleet and is marketed under the BMW i sub-brand. During the electric mode, the car is managed by the Intelligent Energy Management System exclusively developed by the BMW Group. Okay, it’s not strictly an EV and not due for a good couple of years. It is the most balanced mixture of energy output from both the combustion engine and the electric motor. Find out inside. The seamless cooperation between the combustion and electric engines creates the perfect harmony between energy efficiency and driving luxury. The COMFORT mode is the default driving mode when you power up the i8. However, when a workaday BMW 3-series—specifically, the 2019 M340i—boasts 382 horses, 369 horsepower is pretty weak sauce for a car that looks like the i8. Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion direct to your inbox. Although it has been described as being suitable to support pure-electric capability, the existing model’s carbonfibre structure lacks the modularity of more modern skateboard-style designs used by rival car makers. advertising & analytics. BMW iNext: advanced electric SUV begins testing. The current speed is displayed in the instrument panel instead of the rev counter. It also allows the vehicle to operate at zero emission, which is virtually soundless and still can deliver a power boost for acceleration when needed. make our site easier for you to use. The flagship car of BMW’s electric/hybrid range first reached market back in 2014. But the 911 is the archetypal sports car and has eclipsed the i8 in terms of sales. The 11.1-gallon capacity gasoline tank of the BMW i8 requires premium unleaded gasoline. The iX3 is pegged to go into production this year and will have a reported range of over 270 miles (ca. ADD TO COMPARE. Surely it can't be true that after posting thousands of bizarre comments, you still think these drawings are anything to do with BMW? In BMW i8 SPORT mode, extra power boosts can be supplied by the electric engine to assist the combustion engine. Let’s find out. Non stop innane drivel, and he puts his name to it! This is a way to keep our website operating so we can continue to provide you with the latest, free information and resources. The BMW i3 remained the brand’s lone all-electric vehicle, but the BMW i8 inspired the German automaker to launch many plug-in hybrid versions of other vehicles in its lineup. By continuing access to this website, you are giving us consent to cookies being used. BMW is on the verge of making the next generation of its flagship i8 sports car a fully electric model, according to sources at the firm. It possesses the agility of a Sports Coupe and the energy efficiency of a hybrid. The eDrive is the Drivetrain concept for the BMW i class, and it consists of three major parts: The Electronic Drive (eDrive) is the core technology behind the BMW i8. Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail. Here's 10 handy tools you can build with Python, Facebook’s new AI model translates 100 languages — without going through English first, Disney+ adds a stronger warning ahead of films with racist stereotypes, Bitcoin rally sends world's top cryptocurrency ahead of gold and silver, Coding, hacking, vlogging — how tech is changing your everyday language, New AI-powered sensor measures starlight distortion to help discover new planets, The Desklab 4K touchscreen monitor is the work from home laptop accessory you need, I’ve fallen for the electric Hummer and I hate myself for it. This year is certainly looking exciting for the EV market. The specially engineered, a high-power lithium battery is equipped with a cooling system that prolongs the battery life expectancy and assists in fuel conservation. Its powertrain is likely to adopt much of the tech from the Panamera S E-Hybrid’s system, albeit mated to a flat six and at the rear. The i8 is available in Coupe and Roadster forms, the latest versions produce a combined 369bhp from a 1.5-litre engine and an electric motor, and a full charge of their battery will see you along for 23 miles without using a drop of fuel. The aerodynamic properties, balanced low stance, sharp race-inspired contour and superior technologies make this sustainable super coupe even more desirable. Its adoption could put the successor to today’s first-generation model into direct competition with a number of emerging limited-volume zero-emission supercars, including the Tesla Roadster and a planned pure-electric replacement for the existing Audi R8, while eclipsing rivals such as the planned plug-in hybrid Porsche 911. During overrun, the intelligent energy management system can dictate the most appropriate driving status with the current driving situation. To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our, BMW lines up all-electric future for next-generation i8, New GMC Hummer EV: 986bhp electric 'super-truck' revealed. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? As Autocar points out, we can expect to see an all-electric saloon, the i4, and all electric version of the i3 compact SUV dubbed the iX3 in the near future. Let’s find out. combined Gasoline only (official EPA), Charging time (220V Level 2, 32 A SAE J1722 Charger). The BMW i8 represents BMW’s concept of sustainable cars.

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