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It’s a Small World – with a celebration of diverse languages. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! Remember, in this part of Europe, the weather is unpredictable and inconsistent. I try to avoid it whenever possible, which is why we typically ride during Extra Magic Time. You can eat in Disney Village after you leave the park. Disneyland Paris Fastpass is very different to what’s available at WDW and Disneyland – in fact, it’s the ‘old fashioned’ way you’d have got Fastpasses in any Disney park a decade ago! As with all the Disney parks, holidays are much busier, particularly Christmas and Halloween. Explore Disneyland Paris. We’ve noted that many French people prefer to have a larger, sit down meal at lunchtime, so we recommend a Quick Service option. Discoveryland includes the following attractions: Mickey’s PhilharMagic (3D show, save for afternoon). Disneyland Paris Rides And Attractions, The Ultimate Guide to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (2020). Our 2020 Disneyland Paris vacation planning guide covers info & tips for visiting, hotel reviews, restaurant recommendations, ride ratings, and theme park itineraries. There are two parks to explore – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. Any questions about all available products or offers?Please call our advisers at, International call rates apply. If you have time and/or kids with you, you may well want to experience Cars Quatre Roues Rallye and Flying Carpets over Agrabah. If you can, spend longer enjoying and exploring, but if you only have one day in Disneyland Paris, we’re going to help you prepare your own, personal Disneyland Paris itinerary to see and do what you want. If you don’t have Extra Magic Time, you can hop ahead to the next section. When you have longer gaps, plan to check off any remaining rides. You should get a return time around 10AM. You’ll definitely need to check park hours to get the very most out of your Disneyland Paris itinerary. It takes... 3. There are some days – just a few – where the parks open at 9am, so you should definitely check. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For the complete guides to a day at the park, we have a One Day Disneyland Paris Itinerary and a Walt Disney Studios Park Itinerary. In the second half of July, we’ve had reasonable crowds and good weather. In our example, I used the Buzz Fastpass right before lunch. I’ll note here that Buzz is an annoying Fastpass queue that often moves very slowly. The sleeping dragon is a fabulous touch, although my toddler found the snoring a little sinister! Find theme parks, Disney and Partner hotels, dining and entertainment. Read this page for. This afternoon itinerary is designed for you to follow quite casually and enjoy the elements of the park that you’re really interested in. This post covers most of the attractions at Disneyland Paris and includes visits to the main parade—Disney Stars on Parade—a castle stage show, and the nighttime show, Illuminations. But whether you’re planning a vacation from the United States or just a short day-trip from somewhere nearby, fitting the best rides of Disneyland Paris into one day can seem challenging. If you stay ahead of the crowds, you’ll visit these roughly: Generally, we pass on Pirates of the Caribbean early in the day. As with Disneyland Park, in general, Walt Disney Studios usually opens at 10am. Not all rides at Disneyland Paris have the Fastpass option and, as you can imagine, some are a much better use of your Fastpass opportunity than others. The secondary goal is to ride as many other rides—particularly without Fastpass—as you can by 10AM. The rope bridge in Adventure Isle is fun for all ages. It should be about 11:45 now, and you'll have a Fastpass for Buzz in the afternoon. We deliberately pushed this one later in the day because we’re fans of its queue and it’s a long ride. Don’t get confused between Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios and Slinky Zig Zag spin at Walt Disney Studios – they’re very different and the latter is very much a gentle kiddies’ ride. A Complete Disneyland Paris One Day Itinerary 1. Now they’re older, I’d want this to be a walk on to prioritise this over other rides), Dumbo the flying elephant (slow loading and repetitive – if you have children, do NOT let them persuade you to queue for this early in the afternoon – this is an end of the day ride! Including Extra Magic Time, I’m actually out of Fastpass rides. There is plenty of other accommodation – ‘friend’ hotels, other hotels, AirBnB etc within an easy train journey of the parks. If you had Extra Magic Time, you hopefully already rode Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and Orbitron, which makes the land a little easier. - Rechercher sur disneyland paris, ce domaine dispose d'un menu contextuel d'auto-suggestion, important details to know before your visit. (Updated August 12, 2020.) A 45-minute wait in the middle of the day can be troublesome for picking showtimes, but it might make sense for you. Plan your Disneyland Paris holiday with our extensive, independent Trip Planning Guides and Tips. There is a relatively straightforward train journey from Charles de Gaulle airport, but it does require a change in Paris itself – we’ve had a good experience with a private transfer. The parade route starts close to this ride, so you may want to be here to catch the start of the parade and then to ride It’s a Small World! Our Disneyland Paris itinerary is based around visiting both parks. Ideally take lunch and snacks into the park to save money. We’re advocates of staying at a Disney hotel, which gets you access to Extra Magic Hour, sometimes called “Extra Magic Time” (Disneyland Paris uses both terms). Then you’ll ride anything you can until 9:30AM, when you’ll grab a 10AM Fastpass for Peter Pan’s Flight. Wherever you’re travelling from, it’s worth checking out the local school term times (including the UK) and, again, if you can – avoid them. Please call our advisers at +33 1 60 30 60 53. International call rates apply. If you’re arriving on the Eurostar, you can get directly from London right to Disneyland Paris  – there is a train station right outside the Disney Village, which is a treat –  or you can change in Paris from London or Brussels. If Extra Magic Hour included Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Frontierland will be open before 9:30AM, and you’ll just grab a Fastpass for it right at 9:30AM. We use AM/PM designation rather than a 24-hour clock because most of our readers are based in the USA. The food isn’t great, there aren’t many options for dinner (which means long lines), and it’s a waste of time. If you want to experience Disneyland Paris in a day, you’re going to need the Ultimate Disneyland Paris itinerary! If you’re staying onsite, read on for using Extra Morning Hours (and you should, if it is an option for you!). 4:08PM Molly Brown (Frontierland Riverboat) (ride). Adventure Isle, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, the two arcades, Frontierland Playground, La Cabane des Robinson, La Taniere du Dragon, Le Passage Echante d’Aladdin, Nautilus, Pirate Galleon, the Frontierland entrance fort, and Sleeping Beauty Castle are all non-ride attractions that you can pretty much do at your leisure. Look no further, we’ve got you covered! At the end of the post, we have a minute-by-minute recap of one of our most recent days at Disneyland Paris. Your afternoon could shape up over a million ways, but I’ll highlight a few things about this example. Pirates of the Caribbean – similar to the Magic Kingdom version but with some unique differences, making it worthwhile and possibly better – don’t forget to shout Bon Appetit to the diners! When we write our itineraries, they’re designed for you to be able to modify so you can tailor them based on your interests, but we will give you our recommendations – what you’ll find here is our Disneyland Paris itinerary with notes to help you switch out and make sure you cover your ‘must-do’ attractions! Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is great fun and you can climb up the Queen’s castle. Try not to plan to make the last showtime of something, always try to make the first showtime. If Big Thunder Mountain Railroad isn’t a part of the extra hour, you’ll start with Peter Pan’s Flight. Finally, a bit before park close, grab a spot on Main Street U.S.A. and watch Disney's Illuminations, prefably with as many shoulder kids and cell phones as you can get in front of you. If you have Extra Magic Hour, you can skip down a few paragraphs to “Phantom Manor and Indiana Jones” just after the picture of Phantom Manor. This one-day itinerary for Disneyland Park will guide you through getting the most out of a single day. 23 Best (And Worst!) If you’ve been putting it off, now’s the time to do it. If you are staying onsite for your one day in Disneyland Paris, then you should definitely make use of this early park opening and get some of the headliners done before 10am (particularly the ones that don’t offer FastPass). Explore Disneyland Paris. If the Indiana Jones wait is over 10 to 15 minutes, skip it, you’ll likely be able to get a Fastpass for it later in the day. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is great fun and you can climb up the Queen’s castle. Take a second to check out our most important content! The park gates often open around 8:00AM, and guests are given access to Main Street, U.S.A. (this can be a good time for photos) until 8:30AM when the Extra Magic Hours rides open. Fantasyland often closes early (one hour before park close when we were there), so don’t wait too long for anything you have left there. During this time, target rides that don’t have Fastpass, like Orbitron and Dumbo. 6:30PM Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (explore), 6:40PM Le Passage Echante d’Aladdin (explore), 7:30PM Frontierland entrance fort (explore).

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