ford m151

“prone to flipping over on tight corners at speed.” Yikes. Fiesta Rocam | 91A | Ford had the initial contract to build 151s, and AM General later won the bid. My cousin lived near Ft. One of you may know the exact model and year of this example. Estrella Warbirds Museum, Inc. Belina Quatro | I see one every year during Hot August Nights in Reno. Bronco II | Thames Trader | The top is looking pretty dilapidated, but it would serve as a good template to have a replacement custom-made. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barnfinds_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',134,'0','0'])); This MUTT is much more than a rusty dog of a project, it’s a running, driving, 4×4 that someone could tinker with and use as it is now, albeit in fairly rough shape. Taunus P3 (17M) | Even if your tag is gone you should have two holes in the frame where the tag was affixed. Galaxie | Consul Classic | Thames ET | Courier | Mustang Mach-E | V8 | 4) , model year 1960, version for North America U.S. manufactured by Ford (USA) in ; 2-door soft-top body type; 4x4 part-time (rear permanent, front engaged manually in off-road conditions), manual 4-speed gearbox Of course they weren’t made for clipping the apex on the twisty bits. Taunus | Ende der 1950er bis Mitte der 1980er Jahre das Standard-Fahrzeug der US-Streitkräfte in der Design started in 1951 and prototyping lasted most of the 1950's. 61267 Neu-Anspach. Spectron | Marquis | Kuga | Customline | Instant unsubscribe. Y | The M151 entered military service in 1960. Festiva Mini Wagon | Ein Wirkliches Sahne Stück My butt spent many hours on one in the NY Air National Guard driving around my Captain. I drove these in Panama in 1988, they were modified with a roll cage and cargo netting to keep limbs from being crushed during a rollover. Territory | I’ll provide better pictures Tomorrow, The asking price is 7k Or Best reasonable offer. Crestline | That translates into a roomier vehicle with theoretical better off-road characteristics still capable of being transported in the same confines as the Willys. 922A | No training in the mutt, just get in and go. 82A | Jeep | The M151 had a monocoquedesign making it roomier than previous jeep designs, and incorporated an independent suspension with coil springs. Comète | F-Serie, Historische Personenwagen in Nordamerika: MUTTS can be fun to drive, if you are sensible. N Serie | Most of the time I drove 5 ton trucks, but occasionally I drove an officer around in a MUTT. Good times! Die fragwürdigen Fahreigenschaften veranlassten die US Army dazu, im Rahmen ihres Erneuerungsprogramms die M151 nach und nach auszumustern und durch die neuen Humvee zu ersetzen. Contour | Deluxe | Auf Wunsch mit H Zulassung und Neuem Tüv. Fiesta | However, it is believed that only around 1,000 managed to escape from the military, with the … Ford wanted to differentiate their prototype General Purpose (GP, i.e. Rhein | Tin Lizzy, Historische Nutzfahrzeuge: G6 | Granada Consul | Probe | Escort | M151(Ford) Early 1960-62 - Body (Believed to be Ford) Aluminum Tag riveted to frame rail. Forum Der ursprüngliche M151 war für ungeübte Fahrer bei schneller Kurvenfahrt ein Sicherheitsrisiko, insbesondere bei unbelasteter Hinterachse. Always leaked oil no matter what I did. Escape | Telstar | Bronco Sport | Thames 7V | Fairmont | Bronco | Fusion | Ranchero Rio Grande | A | Thames 7V | Corcel II | Lynx Ghia | Festiva S | They are going at $20 increments. Aktivieren Sie JavaScript, um alle Funktionen des Shops nutzen und alle Inhalte sehen zu können. Think Neightbour | Econovan | Telstar Ghia TX5 | Husky | They were very tippy, but my civilian driver had been a 1954 Porsche 356, so a swing axle was no mystery to me. Focus | lol Nice one, Scotty. T | Yep A1 M151 they are fun Vehicles My Mom and Dad bought 1 from a sales lot up in Big Bear Calif .I was up there seeing a Friend of Mine and as I drove by the lot I Noticed a weird looking Vehicle in the Back of the Lot it had a home made top on it .So I got the Number and when I got home I told my Dad .He said Call on it .This was Back in 1981 so when I did the guy said Yes it was like 1200.00 I told him Sold I would pick it up the Next weekend Being my Dad was Part of the MVCC Military Vehicle Collector’s Club in Southern Ca. They had a tendency to get over on their head due to the rear suspension. That swing axle was the end of more than one of those Mutts.

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