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Cut in small pieces  to facilitate blending, if cassava is not too soft. Nigerian Fufu is an African food recipe that originated from Nigeria but common in most African countries. The sac method is how we do it back home. Denise [email protected] Brazil To You says. More miyanga to your armpit ma’am. Hi Imma, Enjoy with any soup of choice! Also follow K’s Cuisine on instagram HERE, Filed Under: All recipes, Main dishes, Nigerian fufu recipes Tagged With: Amala food, cassava flour fufu, how to make lafun, how to make white amala, lafun, lump free lafun, Nigerian amala, smooth lafun, white amala, Your email address will not be published. You know in pays, some people tie it in a sac(typically one which originally came with salt) when it becomes soft and put a “grinding stone” on it overnight to press(drain) the “water” from it na…hahaha. I didn’t think my local groceries carried what I needed but am I I understanding correctly, that it’s just yuca root? I’ve been looking for a fufu recipe that is from scratch using cassava. You can also use cassava flour to prepare it and still achieve the same taste. I am Nigerian and I have never heard of cassava fufu before but the igbo tribe has something called akpu that I think is quite similar to this. How do I warm it up to eat? Toni. Thanks Geoffrey! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is easy to make Fufu from scratch. The stew being thicker and soup being lighter. The fermented cassava is ground into a puree which is eventually cooked into delicious fufu. Have a great weekend! Can you still make it with only 2 days fermentation? Do you have a recipe for Nigerian buka stew? Hi Vidy, are you in Africa? How to Make Fufu: From Cassava flour. 1. Not stirring this continuously will form lumps and balls, so ensure you stir continuously. I never thought I could make waterfufu, now I can. Thanks for the article and recipe, it sounds interesting and I am looking forward to experimenting! Place desired amount of fufu in a sauce pan on a medium heat. If you added more water to enable you pass the fufu through a strainer, you may need to squeeze longer. What you could do is, chop the cassava into very small pieces. You’ll see me walk you through the entire process and share lots of tips on how to make your own Water Fufu. Hi dear, do I use baking soda in a fresh cassava? Then it grated, I used a blender- you can use a food processor. I am Indonesian and my husband is Cameroonian. And for good reason! That’s because it will be very hard when it stays in the fridge. Place desired amount of fufu in a sauce pan on medium heat. Serve this with any African soup or with Eru, Afang or Okro Soup.. Soak  peeled cassava in water – you may use frozen. When the water boils, add the lining to cover the inside of the Hello,am a nigerian living in south africa.pls help me out with this cause have soaked my cassava for more than a week now still it’s not soft yet nd I don’t have a strong blender to blend it.pls is there any other way I can go about…don’t know May be because we are in winter that’s why it’s not soft through fermentation…any other ways I can go about it? So just proceed as suggested. Olu Olu® Cassava Fufu Flour offers premium quality, rich authentic flavour and a fine texture that's unrivalled on the market. Thanks for your kind words . Do you eat it by itself or you use it to cook other dishes? Please read my Full Affiliates Disclosure here. What I have noticed with cassava here is that some of them do not break down like the ones in Cameroon. It is recommended that you use you hand if you intend on cooking the fufu right away. plus it has a not so delightful smell- is that normal from the fermentation process? To check if the cassava is well fermented, press with your fingers, if it is soft then it is okay. There are many forms of Fufu recipe and I will explain some of the procedures. The fufu will begin to thicken up until you have a thick paste that you want. Now remove any fibre you see in the puree. Hello, Hi dear the cassava fufu is the same as akpu, if you have your motar with you, you can pound it, but if not you make it the semo way. You can see a list of African soup commonly used below. Any ideas? Add a quarter cup of water and mix to form a paste. Wash the cassava thoroughly and place in a large container. Also, so sorry for the late reply. For Africans in diaspora, and in deed large African cities, they could make fufu from pre-grounded starchy powders like potato flakes or potato powder, cassava flour, yam flour, or grounded rice. You can serve it with vegetable soup, okra soup. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This bread is Paleo and nut free and perfect for making mini sandwiches or avocado toast. You can add hot water to the mix to achieve your desired texture. Let me introduce myself. It sounds interesting… is it a sort of paste? Hi P, It is ready when it is an off-white colour. You are doing a great for African food. Truth be said, a lot cassava nowadays if you reside abroad have been altered . So is it ok to still use it even though the cassava is not that soft? Has it been outside throughout this period ? Hi I wondered whether reshaping it into fries and then Pulse   or blend, in batches, with a little bit of water , in a blender or food processor until puree. Keep this in a warm area for as long as possible. Each recipe has been reviewed and shared over 20,000 times! Water Fufu is made by fermenting some cassava, also known as yuca root. HOW TO MAKE PAP FROM SCRATCH – CORN PORRIDGE – AKAMU – OGI, PEPPERED FISH – FISH IN SWEET AND SPICY SAUCE, https://www.amazon.com/Ninja-Professional-Blender-Nutri-BL660/dp/B00939FV8K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526700898&sr=8-1&keywords=Ninja+660+bl+30, HOW TO MAKE FUFU - FUFU CORN | Precious Core, ACCRA BANANA - AFRICAN BANANA FRITTERS | Precious Core, SUPER CRISPY YUCA FRIES (CASSAVA FRIES) | Precious Core. [14] Nigerians promote this type of Fufu over the kind made “from cocoyam, cassava or plantain,” explains Ekunsanmi. We are too. Hahahaha Kwandah! We appreciate all you efforts. 1. 2. The baking soda doesn’t make it sound salty at all. Although, cassava flour may not always be accessible, therefore you can replace it with maize flour, semolina, mashed-up cassava, plantains or white yams. Don’t blame me – fufu and eru is just too good! Could you please provide a link for the ninja blender on Amazon. I believe they grate fermented cassava and then wrap in leaves and boil several hours. Hello Precious, I’m hoping you will reply. Hi Precious! I did buy the Ninja blender. Your email address will not be published. Hi Mieke, you could warm it up in the microwave if you have one. The Water Fufu and Ndole combo is seriously delish oo. The cassava Fufu is ready. Add water as needed (about 1 cup in total) while stirring to ensure that the fufu is not too strong. There are many ways in which you can make fufu. I usually ground after 3 days, then give it a day or two . deep frying would give it another twist. Lulu, it is not you .Tt definitely does have an off smell to it – that’s what makes it so unique. 5) Stir till Lafun is smooth and lump free, Serve Lafun with soup of choice like Ewedu and Buka Stew like in picture below or other soups like Okro soup, Turkey stew, efo riro, Egusi soup, etc, How to make pounded yam in food processor, Don’t forget to feedback when you try this recipe. . I don’t mind it once I cook it but mine gets an off smell after soaking for 2 days even if I change the water lots. I made but I was scared to eat it since it’s a poison root I wasn’t sure if I cooked it long enough to insure it was eatable. After grating the cassava to form a smooth paste; you must not use a fine strainer. So how does it taste? Thank you so much. The fufu is ready when it doesn’t taste gummy anymore.

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