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I imagine that these paid gigs travel by word of mouth though and you likely won’t find them on any of the websites. With so many pets hoping for a sitter like you, you’re sure to find a sit. Read more about us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While you provide free house and pet care, owners offer you free accommodation in return. And we never would have met Ralphie! You don’t have to travel far. (Not to mention the house was seriously beautiful. (Jobs are often filled within the same day of posting.) Family, friends, babysitting gigs or previous pet sitting experience will all help you to look better in the eyes of a homeowner. As a result, you’re competing with a lot of other eligible sitters for the same job. These cookies do not store any personal information. France actually wasn’t our first time house sitting; we also did it in Costa Rica last year. We were watching over a house in the center of town with the sweetest pup we have ever met: Ralph. This time we were headed to the other south of France, a short drive outside of Bordeaux. Join our worldwide community and start your membership today. So that was our first house sit in France. We love having pets to look after as well! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. What a nightmare. 1 Dog and 1 Cat in Lovely Paris France Flat September 15 thru. Little Yorkshire dog needs loving care. This is truly life changing. My blog is still under construction-mostly sharing my personal travels in Europe. In exchange, we had the house as well as a car to use. Wondering what it’s like to live somewhere new with adorable pets for company? We’ve gotten all our gigs off of Mind My House and Trusted Housesitters :) The best way to get chosen is to fill out your profile as extensively as possible, link back to your blog, and then ask all your friends and family to write you references – even if it’s just character references. :), Wow, these sound like perfect situations! In fact, we’re doing it right now, and I’ve got the sweetest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup cuddling next to my leg. that dog is adorable!!! But you get the idea from these iPhone photos. Experiencing the culture in the South of France was something we never would have done without housesitting. We first read about it on your blog when you started last year and have ended up house sitting in Costa Rica (not that we’re copying you or anything haha!) We’re a retired American couple and really enjoy traveling around the world by house sitting. Traveling to many places is more than I want to do; hence, situating myself in a less than hectic style of traveling seems perfect. Explore new places while making a difference to the lives of pets and people along the way. But for the right person, house sitting is an amazing way to stay in incredible places for free. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. But we’ll definitely consider the house-sitting option. The only cost is your annual membership, making it an affordable and fulfilling way to travel. House sitting isn’t for everyone. We use the following two sites: TrustedHousesitters: Annual Fee: $89.88. This is truly life changing. From home comforts to the calming company of pets, house sitting offers so much more. We have noticed in some applications that the homeowners will explicitly state they would like a “couple” or “seniors” or something like that. The first house sitting job allowed us an inside look at village life, with the unique experience of taking part in feria and using our time to go on a few day trips with Ralph. From Parisian Poodles in chic apartments to cats in countryside chateaus, pet lovers can find free accommodation in France by caring for adorable animals while their owners are away. 31 Oct 2020 - 30 Nov 2020 Morzine, France. by Casey Siemasko | Sep 23, 2014 | Dash Of Class, France, Travel Inspiration | 38 comments. Rhonda @ Travel? in your opinion what is the best site? 19 Jun 2021 - 29 Jun 2021 Mirepoix-sur … If you’re not sure if house sitting is right for you, the small fee makes this a great starter option, but based on our success rate, you’ll definitely want to sign up for TrustedHousesitters if you are serious about finding a job. Christie Semmens recently posted…Cinque Terre “The Five Lands” – In One Day. Rural house in charente region of France requires house and dog sitter. People can automatically upload references to your housesitting profile and the more the merrier. Explore new places while making a difference to the lives of pets and people along the way. I would housesit for a SECOND feria and an adorable dog! That should be a bit different from the South of France…. Our priority is to make sure our community is safe and healthy during this time. We loved being able to hunker down and live like locals for a bit. Caring sitters required for 4 weeks from 24th October in South West France . 19 Dec 2020 - 07 Jan 2021 Azille, France. Why not adjust the filters to widen your search or look for something nearby? How do you chose or get chosen? We already have our next gig set for New Years Eve in NYC. Is there any validity in that? ), Falling in love, or failing to love, Paris, Two On the Water World Record Attempts in Auckland – WW, House Sitting in the South of France – What It Was Really Like, Why Quepos is the Ideal Place to House Sit for Travellers, Why I Thought Marrakech Was Hell On Earth (And 8 Reasons Why You Should Still Go), Luxury Adventure In Big Sky Country: The Ranch at Rock Creek, Sri-Lanka: Magic and Majesty at the Esala Perahera, 10 Year Old Children Today- Modern Parenting Failure #231, Photo of the Week: Tomb of Sainte-Geneviève. 2. There were a few other tasks like watering the flowers and putting food out for the cat, but our primary job was to watch over Ralph, which we were more than happy to do. Charlie recently posted…Why Quepos is the Ideal Place to House Sit for Travellers, Costa Rica is a very popular spot for housesitting, as is France. Forget hotel rooms. Home Sitting Saint-Georges-Canton de Vaud-District de Nyon-Suisse. I hope to explore this option someday. Or even if it’s simply cuddling up at home with a new feline friend, house and pet sitting in Paris may be the perfect new adventure for you. It was kind of like heaven. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. After Azille we spent a week in Paris before our next house sitting gig began. 2. Hope you get the chance to try it out :-), We have done a few home exchanges, but never a house sit. ummm never thought of that before, but after reading your post and realizing how much you both had, i would definitely love to house sit :) lovely post :) Gabi@TheNomadicFamily recently posted…10 Year Old Children Today- Modern Parenting Failure #231, Great post! Newest Assignments Listed with Luxury House Sitting. By the way, that totally sucks Dan got his camera stolen in Paris (boo)! :-), What a dream. I also love your idea of using your blog as a great reference to show people who you are. The house and garden were stunning, surrounded by vineyards and not much else. The only cost is your annual membership, making it an affordable and fulfilling way to travel. Thanks for sharing the pluses and minuses of house sitting. Trusted Housesitters is an affiliate link. 1. Stockholm is an awesome city though. This is the largest and fastest growing site. Required fields are marked *.

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