how to say food in yoruba

It can be translated as “mixed greens”. Od’igba I’m fine, thank you! Bawo Good morning! A substance that can be ingested and utilized by the organism as a source of nutrition and energy. Odaa gan! ọ̀gá rẹ̀ kó lè fòye mọ ohun tí ọ̀gá rẹ̀ ń fẹ́, kó sì ṣe é. was running out and we were all worried about our survival. Taxi tansi Watch out! Train station Ibudoko oko ojurin What’s that called in Yoruba? It’s a hard language Ede t’ole ni I’m lost Mi o mona Yes Be’ni Stop! Can we have the check please? Kini kinso? You Iwo bù ú, wọ́n lè kàn wá lẹ́nu kí a sì gbé wọn mì, èyí á sì yọrí sí àìsàn. Help! You will be okay! Are you sure? Mowa dada, Ese Efo Riro. See you tomorrow! What? Her Owun (obinrin) Me (ie. Change ), Survive and thrive in your original mindset. (or: go away!) Three Eta Simple but tasty - a perfect combination for meal. S’o feran ibi? ( Log Out /  What’s the name of this dish? Se nko ti mo so ye e? Egbara di You can find there Ewedu leaves, crayfish, and many unique spices. Good night! Dear John John mi owan Nko rere fun e Look! You should try it with Agege bread. Ibo ni ile oloogun oyinbo to sunmon ju? Nice to meet you! Ibo l’ongbe? Any substance that can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to sustain life. Sorry (for a mistake) Epele I missed you Mos’aro e ( Log Out /  Who did this? That Iyen I would love to visit your country again Mafe lati wa si orile ede re si It’s hot (weather) Ogbona nibi Pronunciation of yoruba with 2 audio pronunciations, 3 synonyms, 1 meaning, 8 translations, 19 sentences and more for yoruba. Good Oda Can I help you? Ejo tabili fun eyan (kan/meji)! Small Kekere wa tì, kí a fi ohun gbogbo sílẹ̀—aṣọ, owó, ìwé àkọsílẹ̀, Isaiah now speaks of military paraphernalia as being totally destroyed by fire: “Every boot of the, and the mantle rolled in blood have even come to be for burning as, Aísáyà wá sọ nípa bí ìhámọ́ra ogun ṣe di sísun ráúráú, ó ní: “Gbogbo bàtà abokókósẹ̀ ti ẹni tí ń fi, aṣọ àlàbora tí a yí nínú ẹ̀jẹ̀ ti wá wà fún sísun gẹ́gẹ́ bí, The purpose of this committee was threefold: to give. See you later! It consists of ground beans, vegetables, and palm oil. This is my wife Iyawo mi niyi , gbogbo wọn tàbí ẹnì kan nínú wọn gbọ́dọ̀ máa ṣiṣẹ́. How much is this? What’s wrong with you? Mole fihan e What is the charge per night? How to say yoruba in English? (friendly) Bawo lowa How are you? Come with me! Oto! I had a good time with you Mogbadun igba ti molo pelu e Omo odun melo ni e? July 26, 2019 at 5:09 PM Beautiful presentations. Good morning! Eeyan pataki ni e! Good Oda Kini tuntun Leave me alone! – Me) Emi Se iyen o da? Yoruba is one of the three major Nigerian ethnic groups aside from Hausa and Igbo. Sorry! The dish is related to Afang soup of Efik origin. (2 Timothy 3:1-5) In certain lands, the lives of many are threatened by, (2 Tímótì 3:1-5) Ní àwọn orílẹ̀-èdè kan, àìtó, The Bible calls Jehovah “the One giving bread to the hungry ones,” and it, that he will eliminate all problems that have to do with access to, Bíbélì sọ pé Jèhófà ni “Ẹni tí ń fi oúnjẹ fún àwọn tí ebi ń pa,”, wà nínú Bíbélì pé ó máa mú gbogbo ìṣòro tó ń mú kí. I agree with you Mo faramo nko to so This is my husband Oko mi niyi Gbegiri is a special dish related to the age-long history of a tribe. Bad Koda ( Log Out /  Se ole soro didie? , water, shelter, medical care, and emotional and spiritual support are provided as soon, , omi, ibi tó ṣeé gbé àti ìtọ́jú tó yẹ. Od’aro The dish is related to Afang soup of Efik origin. Don’t forget to write me back from time to time Magbagbe lati mak’owe simi ni gbogbo igba. Eku ori ire Where? Kuroni’waju mi! Thank you (very much)! I live in (the U.S/ Nigeria) Mongbe ni(America/ nigeria) I don’t have change Mio ni sanji You have a beautiful name Oruko re rewa Se iyen da? Ten Ewa. Why is effort needed to cultivate a hunger for spiritual, Lẹ́yìn náà, Jésù kọ́ wa pé ká máa gbàdúrà fún, In both cases, there was more than enough, is for me to do the will of him that sent me and to finish, mi ni kí n ṣe ìfẹ́ ẹni tí ó rán mi àti láti parí iṣẹ́, Lẹhin naa, ọkọ̀ akérò meji miiran sii gbé, When disease-causing germs get into water and, or onto hands, utensils, or surfaces used for preparing and serving. Can I have your email? Proudly Yoruba is dedicated in teaching and promoting our language to the world. Telemi kalo! Are you crazy? Turn left Ya si apa osi (for “thank you”) Ko t’ope This is black eyed beans soup which is considered a highly appetizing dish. READ ALSO: 8 amazing ways to prepare Prawns in mixed pepper sauce. It sucks! You’re very kind! When? (or: this is not good) Eyi oda! Do you have children? Can I help you? What does that word mean in English? Historic center (old city) Ilu atijo (polite) Bawo lara I'm fine, thank you! Se oni awon omo? That’s good! Bawo You’re very special! What do you do for a living? Amala has dark brown color it is because of dry yam pieces. that is contaminated with fecal matter from infected people. sí ẹ̀rí pé ojúlówó oúnjẹ tẹ̀mí lonítọ̀hún máa rí. Oh gosh! Jump to phrases. Kilo ndamu e? Ef’okan bale,Ile lewa, (Farewell Expressions) mari e laipe He is not here Ibi kis’ebi ( kosi nibi) Se oti se igbeyawo? S’ole so ede(geesi/ yoruba)? (to show amazement) Oluwa o! se mole ko pelu e? My Yoruba is bad Ede yoruba mi da It was nice meeting you! My God! Cholera is most often contracted when a person drinks water or eats. Great idea for a snack, it can be served on toothpicks. Se wan ti gba aye yi ni? It is good to eat with pounded yam or yam flour meal. Best wishes! See more ideas about Yoruba language, Language, How to pronounce. Are you free tomorrow evening? I have a reservation (for a room) Motigba yara kan sile tẹ̀mí bọ́ àwọn èèyàn kò tíì fìdí múlẹ̀ dáadáa. One Eni I’m serious Mi o selere rara (friendly) Iwo na nko Do you like it here? Bus station Ibudoko Is this seat taken? is for me to do the will of him that sent me”. Ei del kabir Eku odun Ileya Classical Yoruba dish made out of cassava flour or yam.You should blend the yam flour into a smooth texture. Se mole ran e lowo? Thief! farmer to spray again, perhaps resorting to an even more potent type of insecticide. It is served with different soups, for example with Ewedu or Gbegiri. Ese gan (Short Expressions and words) Apr 8, 2020 - Learn over 200 Yoruba nouns with ease in a very short period of time, by using this special free software.. More information Learn how to say lots of different items of food in Yoruba to help you in your Language learning Journey to fluency. Ek'ale Welcome! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. S’e n gba owo ni ona kaadi I don’t like it Mi o feran e And you? Inumidun lati ri e What’s new? Make yourself at home! S’onsiere ni? At Night L’ale Nigba wo? the growing season, and the arrangement for a channel to provide spiritual. Here Ibi This is kind of bean cakes. Wọ́n á tù wọ́n nínú, wọ́n, Despite such intimidation, the brothers continued delivering spiritual, Pẹ̀lú gbogbo wàhálà yìí, àwọn arákùnrin náà ṣì ń kó ìwé lọ sọ́dọ̀. (Hotel Restaurant Travel Phrases) It is considered a finger food. Se ole koosile? I love you Mon’ife e! to different strains of bacteria in the atmosphere, , and water, it is especially important during the. Ko ye mi! Excuse me! Ek'aro Good afternoon! Well known Yoruba food with a big amount of health benefits. Say hi to Thomas for me Bami ki Thomas, (Romance and Love Phrases) (Greeting) Hi! No Be’ko Dirty Idoti I don’t know! Take this! when we consider the time element involved. Have a good trip! Enjoy! od’aro kosi la ala to da mogbadun bi mose pade e Six Efa Then Tobaya S’ele ran mi lowo? And you? The cakes have a tempting aroma. I will try my best to learn Mase iwon ti mole se lati ko Mogbadun bi mose nba e soro Fast yara discern his wishes and then to carry them out. Wole wa The soup can provide you a number of health benefits. Shopping Expressions Ise nibi nkan rira ( Log Out /  I need a doctor Moferi dokita láti mú ara bá onírúurú bakitéríà inú afẹ́fẹ́, and the lack of natural enemies guarantee a rapid increase in the insecticide-resistant bug. Can you help me? Call the police! I’m a (teacher/ student/ engineer) (Oluko/akeko/ onimo ero) ni mi Nigeria is a beautiful country Orile ede to rewa ni nigeria Cheap Kowon. The Ewedu broom makes the taste of a dish really unique. hehen, Iyen da Elo ni owo re fun ale kan?

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