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(2019, February 1). Also if the firearms are made in a country maybe there could be criteria that all gun manufacturers have to abide by, eliminating military firearms through restrictions. Copyright © 2019 GLICA, All Rights Reserved. Additionally, these weapons are more easily hidden and transported than larger-scale military hardware, which allows them to slip more often into the hands of terrorists and other criminals, giving them the capacity to kill hundreds of civilians. And the renewal of the ATT treaty with more required participation. Israel further believes that the best way to address the issue of illicit arms trade is to the adoption of policies including the vetting of arms trade recipients for all countries involved in arms export and/or transfer. Qatar would want to join the ATT if it was stronger on terroism. Despite measures which attempt to rectify this problem already being in place, countries unwillingness to comply with the measures passed has led to an increase in crime, both violent and otherwise. Such actions emphasize the dedication of Russian authorities to combating the illicit arms trade. During this committee, the UN Disarmament & International Security Committee must radically shift their perspective. There are also no restrictions on the illegal market, such as for types of weapons or calibres in contrast to the German law on weapons. The illicit arms trade is an obscenely awful issue that currently plagues this world. In an age of electronic communication, it is easy for them to conclude deals or to transfer money across continents. Illicit arms trafficking fuels civil wars contribute which to skyrocketing crime rates and feeds the arsenals of the world’s worst terrorists. Furthermore, in 2001, Bulgaria announced that we were going to screen applications for arms export licenses far more thoroughly. The weapons are usually bought in small firearms shops in the United States and then brought back across the border, the more and more arms are being bought, the amount can turn into a huge number. The illicit small arms trade has been one of the biggest security threats of recent decades. There is a need to assess applications for export authorizations along with strict procedures that cover all categories of these arms. Our arms industry has declined due to western european regulations, embargoes and trade bans. Due to a lack of supporting countries in a 2013 effort of the UN to limit these weapons (Arms Trade Treaty), there has been little to no success in efforts to halt the trafficking of illegal weaponry. , approximately half were committed with small arms or light weapons. The GNA must make sure that the arms are not sent to recipients with UN arms embargoes or anyone else besides the stated recipient. One of the first steps that need to be taken is by setting up more checkpoints near/on borders and in the country, and along with more in-depth scanning and checks. Our 2018 Conventional Weapons Destruction programs have helped to decrease stockpiling of illicit weapons, and as a result, they have helped combat the illicit weapons trade. At the UN General Assembly on September 28th, 2019, the honorable Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, declared that China would join the Arms Trade Treaty as soon as possible, initiating domestic legal procedures to join the treaty (“At UN”). According to a 2006 UN conference, 25% of the 4 billion dollars spent annually on small arms trades are “illicit”. This can be seen in Tripoli, where about four illicit arms deals are made a day. As stated previously, the Penal Code of Cuba has tried to prevent illicit arms trafficking and create a positive impact, however there is still smuggling within the country. The ATT makes sure that every country creates a system to regulate the export of ammunition. We would like to work with China and the United States and other members of the UN to help solve this very problematic problem. Furthermore, Trinidad and Tobago encourages the promotion of continued forward momentum over the to regulate and monitor conventional weapons and  we urge continued global efforts to address these threats. The illicit arms trade includes the illegal exchange of small arms, light weapons, and ammunition. Mexico urges the UN to renew the ATT, or make a new treaty altogether. Another issue is insurgents attacking weapon transport vehicles and seizing the weapons. Other options include; a committee to look into suspicious sales, and a ban on certain weapon sales. These weapons are necessary to maintain any sort of peace in our tense climate and the idea that limiting any sort of weapons trade- even the good- is unrealistic and ideal only to certain western developed regions. While the UN has set up ATT, it is simply not effective; not because nations don’t comply, but rather because most arms sales are done illegally. International Instrument to Enable States to Identify and Trace in a Timely and Reliable Manner Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons. This oversaturation of guns within the population has resulted in many conflicts where blood was shed instead of a peaceful resolve. With this has come the scourge of the illicit arms trade. As a country with the successful implementation of regulatory measures on guns, Azerbaijan believes that the best way to obstruct the illegal arms trade is to continue work on this important topic. All citizens have the right to live, and we as a nation understand that the illegal trading of illicit weapons pose a threat to this right. States must release detailed reports on their military arms transfers. In Syria this is an increasingly alert issue. Qatar has sold the 3rd least amount of small arms and ammunition in the region. Subsequently, resolving disputes through diplomatic means, enhancing post-conflict reconstruction efforts, and promoting the further implementation and ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty and other negotiations (“Security”). Furthermore, “States should be required to enact strict regulations and exercise direct control over arms-export brokering activities in areas under their jurisdiction and limit the numbers of brokers themselves to the absolute minimum,” efforts to do which are outlined in the next paragraph of this paper. These peacekeepers brought caches of firearms and ammunition and kept those on their people as well. The Islamic Insurgency was a nongovernmental body that mandated the practice of Islam. This puts much of the onus on domestic governments to put forth efforts toward regulating the use of these weapons rather than a blanket ban. The groups who illegally trade these weapons range from terrorist groups such as ISIS  to governments like the nation of Qatar’s who sells these weapons to groups that oppose terrorist groups.. In our decades of conflict, we have learned the devastating effects of armed conflict caused by illicit possession of arms – murders, destroyed infrastructure, lowered civilian moral, and leaving a country impoverished. Or any valid substitute for that treaty. Illicit arms trade is the illegal way to trade weapons and armed forces between groups of people and countries. All of these have been established in Denmark to help combat the illicit arms trade. That is rooted in the flawed trade agreements of western powers, trading firearms and munitions with unstable and untrustworthy nations, as well as their relaxed gun laws and violent culture surrounding firearms. The flow of weapons into countries acts as a major destabilization for power. Particularly troubling is the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons (SA/LW); these arms account for an estimated 60-90% of the 100,000+ conflict deaths each year and tens of thousands of additional deaths outside of war zones (Small Arms Survey 2005). France attaches great importance to this treaty and played an active role during the different phases of negotiation. Increased tracing of arms purchases as well as the UN itself screening all major arms purchases to and from treaty members would allow an unbiased, non-corrupt look at the buyer. Every year, 535 thousand lives are lost due to the United Nations’ inaction. Militant groups such as ISIS have taken advantage of the illegal arms trade to commit acts of terror against multiple nations, including Turkey. We see it best that fewer small arms should exist and production should have moderated limits. This can be seen in Tripoli, where about four illicit arms deals are made a day. With the ability to conceal small and dangerous weapons, the risk of crime, armed conflict, and violence rises rapidly. Including when the UAE attempted to invade Qatar. In that meeting, Japan highlighted that only half of UN member states had joined the Arms Trade Treaty. People kill people. Since a large supply of weapons is stolen from the military each year, by destroying these surplus weapons, Bulgaria is keeping the people’s safety in their best interest. Take, for instance, Lebanon, where there has been documented a correlation between illicit arms market prices and reported killings. The illicit trade in small arms and light weapons occurs in all parts of the globe but is concentrated in areas afflicted by armed conflict, violence, and organized crime, where the demand for illicit weapons is often highest. To get extreme results, we must all take extreme action. Worldwide, illicit arms accompany many of the most serious international problems. The nation of India also believes that some humanitarian action should be taken. Explosive weapons are an unnecessary risk in heavily populated areas, and unmanned drone strikes are also extremely dangerous. We recognize that these changes and suggestions are easier said than done, however they must come to light in some way shape or form or else the future of our world’s safety is a grim one. Rwanda and the surrounding region have laws that prohibit the import and export of firearms, but with the increase of illegal arms smuggling and trade the laws have no effect, and with the recent increase of malitas and private military contractors could lead to places with already war torn area be ̈invaded¨ by another problem (ie. , United Nations, Small and Illicit arms affects Myanmar and other nations as well, so the Disarmament & International Security Committee and the United Nations need to resolve this crisis. From all of us here at GLICA, we hope you all stay healthy and safe! As you can see from this data a decrease in the illicit weapons trade would help our country in a number of ways. It is the United States’ wish that the other nations in this committee bear in mind two things: firstly, the economy of the entire UN will surely benefit from the legal trading of weapons, and secondly, guns don’t kill people.

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