perseid meteor shower 2002

interesting reading: Six-Figure Investment Secures By Pakistan Health Tech Startup. Required fields are marked *. Luckily, observers were generally happy with what they saw despite the conditions, thanks to a pleasing number of bright to fireball-class Perseids about. But like any other type of meteor shower, Perseid may appear randomly on the sky. Apart from the traditional summertime problems with interference due to the Sporadic-E propagation mode, several European radio workers suffered equipment failures or power cuts at the least helpful times near the Perseid maximum. Unfortunately, most watchers were rightly concentrating on getting accurate Perseid counts that night, and too few of the lucky witnesses were able to give details on the fireball’s sky-position, insufficient to even estimate where the meteor might have passed directly over. Perseids 2002: Visual Observations 12/13 by Michel Vandeputte, Diéval, France. We can see such a pattern in Fig-1. Now as we know radius of Earth is 6378 km (at the equator), and consider that meteor which appeared at 45o above horizon. Most people, though not all, seemed satisfied by what they saw however, as there were several good Perseid fireballs about, including a notable one around 22h01m UT spotted from nine sites across south-east England. The German Arbeitskreis Meteore (AKM) data were chiefly taken from their journal Meteoros 5:9 and 5:10 (2002) submitted by Ina Rendtel (website:, while the American Meteor Society (AMS) results came primarily from their journal Meteor Trails 17 (December 2002), presented by Bob Lunsford (website: Number of meteors per 15 minutes was counted also their apparent path length and location on sky was noted. Introduction. Comet Swift-Tuttle Junaid Jamshed Student Support Program At IBAGRADS. Good luck and clear skies for your next watching! Details of observations collected by the SPA Meteor Section during the Perseid shower in 2002 August are presented, with some discussion. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Due to wide range of eye almost all bright meteors were visible occurring elsewhere on the sky. Applications Are Open For HEC Overseas Scholarships, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources. Perseid appears to originate from constellation “Perseus”. Listen to this story via streaming audio, a downloadable file, or get help. As comets hurtle in space through the inner solar system, solar heat makes them disintegrate. How significant the brief 22h30m UT ZHR peak was is unclear; probably not very. Visual Observing Form - Summary Report Day: 12 - 13 Month: 08 Year: 2002 Begin: 23.00 UT End: 02.18 UT Location long. While Perseid fireballs are commonest close to the maximum, it is certainly unusual to get so many reports on any one of them, and indications are this was an especially bright event to be so noteworthy, perhaps around magnitude -6/-8 at best. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Details of observations collected by the SPA Meteor Section during the Perseid shower in 2002 August are presented, with some discussion. The next best from recent times was in 2000 (see the, The highest ZHRs, based on the half-hour means on August 12-13 in SPAMS data, were at 22h30m (82 +/- 5), 02h30m (81 +/- 9) and 04h30m UT (81 +/- 10), with the mean overall ZHR between 22h-04h UT = 74 +/- 7. For many, views of the meteor shower in 2000 also coincided with auroral displays, courtesy of the active Sun. The warmth of northern summer makes it one of the year's most inviting sky shows. The symmetrical curves, keyed to the right-hand, Observers’ Impressions Near the Perseid Peak, Two composite video-still Perseid images are shown here from those collected by Steve Evans in Gloucestershire. The next best from recent times was in 2000 (see the Perseids 2000 page of this website), when moonlight truncated the graph after August 13-14. The symmetrical curves, keyed to the right-hand y-axes, show the Perseid radiant elevations for each site, while the irregular traces give the raw hourly meteor echo counts.

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