renault concept car morphoz

In Travel mode, en route to a holiday, for example, it suggests points of interest while taking the desired time of arrival and remaining range into account, like the electric journey plan on the MY Renault app for Renault electric vehicles. There is a special holder for the driver's smartphone, which is then drawn into the console's wooden panel to serve as the main data source. Like the 2017 SYMBIOZ concept, the vertical high-level brake light is suspended from the blade of the roof spoiler where its graphic finish is repeated on the rear fog light beneath the bumper. Everything is accessed using the smartphone, which works as a digital key. Like the bodywork, the cabin can convert to adapt to the requirements of all the occupants. The smart, modular, crossover vehicle is able to physically and technologically adapt whether it's being used for a short commute, trip to the shops or a longer journey. The wheels combine diamond-effect wheels and wheel trims which allows the sidewalls of the 22-inch tyres to be partially covered, to give the wheel assembly a more fluid design. Dann wechseln Sie zum „Reise“-Modus. Die Atmosphäre ist freundlich und ruhig. As the driver approaches, the Renault MORPHOZ concept runs a light sequence to show the driver has been detected and recognised. It's adaptability means the lighting has a different look in City mode and in Travel mode, while the front wings are decorated with a backlit badge which displays the vehicle's name when in Travel mode. Sie bleiben in der Stadt? Der MORPHOZ ist ein Concept Car, das für die Vision von Groupe Renault hinsichtlich persönlicher und gemeinsamer Elektromobilität steht. The tyres are optimised to reduce rolling resistance. The MORPHOZ embodies the Me/We concept, which says that what is one persons can be shared. A Share mode allows passengers to sit face-to-face to talk or share an activity. The MORPHOZ sits at the heart of these different ecosystems, for a more sustainable, more shared and more inclusive vision of mobility. It also anticipates regulations which will soon insist on car-sharing for all cars. Meanwhile, these existing driving aids will be enhanced, in particular with the addition of connectivity to other vehicles and infrastructures in order to push forwards with predictive features, as SYMBIOZ showed in 2017. Sie können sogar an einer Ladestation für andere Fahrzeuge zur Verfügung gestellt werden. The electric vehicle has a major role in energy transition as part of a smarter, increasingly comprehensive electric ecosystem. It is fully adaptable to fit the needs of drivers and passengers, with City mode fitted with the right battery capacity for day-to-day commuting or shopping, while in Travel it is able to accommodate the added capacity needed for long distance journeys. Its electric powertrain helps to improve air quality and means it can be used in areas that are out of bounds to ICE vehicles. Durch ihn wird das Teilen zu einem grundlegenden Konzept, mit dem die Herausforderungen der Stadt von morgen bestanden werden können. The concept previews a specific light signature which will be used on future electric vehicles with the distinctive Renault C-Shape lighting enlarged to extend along the entire bumper. The smart, modular, crossover vehicle is able to physically and technologically adapt whether it's being used for a short commute, trip to the shops or a longer journey. This unique mix of styles is made possible by the use of the all-new CMF-EV modular platform which has been specially designed for its electric powertrain. With the MORPHOZ concept this philosophy is key, taking it a step further, as everything on board revolves around the passenger and human interactions. The adaptable seating functionality is featured throughout the cabin. It meets the needs of new kinds of community that are developing around digital infrastructures, regenerative resources and social well-being. It challenges the idea of the car as private, and instead encourages shared use. The slimline rear lights create a shimmering effect and form an entire strip to give the MORPHOZ a wider and more assertive presence. The AI lets the driver see the surrounding area by processing real-time data from external sensors and images from the vehicle cameras, especially the set which replace the door mirrors. In City mode, the MORPHOZ features a slim front wing, but when Travel mode is selected the vertical section expands as the bodywork and wheelbase lengthen. A streamlined battery means the vehicle can be designed closer to the ground and with a lower roof to deliver improvements to aerodynamic performance. With no transmission tunnel the flat floor allows for even more leg room. This combines with adaptive cruise control (with Stop & Go) and lane centring to provide Level 2 autonomy. This means that it can drive in certain situations or on authorized roads all by itself. Part of the Morphoz’s artificial intelligence also includes level 3 autonomy. Renault has long known this to be true and made a strategic proposal before anyone else. Der MORPHOZ Stadtmodus wird zum Symbol für die Wendigkeit von Stadtautos. The apparent movement of the yellow and black lines on the Renault MORPHOZ's dashboard design recalls the OpArt world of painter Victor Vasarely, who has completed 40 works of art in collaboration with Renault. An Bord konzentriert sich alles auf die Insassen und deren Zusammenleben. As a single vehicle which can also serve the communal well-being, it suits new patterns of living in these urban communities, such as the co-living trend in housing. The clear glass with illuminated lines, which forms the inner part of the futuristic steering wheel, houses touch-sensitive control buttons with haptic feedback and allows the driver to access the MULTI SENSE settings. The AI will then, if authorised, use data and information from the smartphone to perform its tasks. The Smart Cities ecosystem even extends to the concept of the urban community of the future. The station then recharges the batteries while putting them to additional use until they are needed by another vehicle, such as storing electricity from renewable energy sources or lighting infrastructure or an adjoining building. Its primary role is to display the capacity meter of the onboard batteries but its black and yellow finish also makes it stand out from the rest of the bodywork. This is where passengers can scroll through the music library on one of their smartphones or where they can play video games against each other. Drawing on the Alliance's new modular CMF-EV 100% electric platform, it offers a number of different configurations for power, capacity and range, as well as user options and boot space. As a symbol of Groupe Renault's vision of electric mobility in the years after 2025, the MORPHOZ is a key part of the transformation to Smart Cities, where connected technologies, smart and open data, IoT devices, smart networks, new materials and clean energies can be used to design and build a positive future. Möchten Sie vom Konzept zur Wirklichkeit wechseln? Induction charging enables MORPHOZ to be charged without the need for cables at a specific location (at home or in a public car park) or while driving on sections of road equipped with the technology to so. Once back, the driver stops at a station to return the extra batteries and revert to the original 40kWh capacity and the smaller dimensions of City configuration. An example of this is the experimental ecosystem in Porto Santo. This is definitely ideal for long road trips, as l… A symbol of the vehicle's increased range and power, this new design feature will appear on some of the Renault electric vehicles in the future. Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executive, Length: 4.40 m (City version) / 4.80 m (Travel version), Wheelbase: 2.73 m (City version) / 2.93 m (Travel version), Batteries: 40 kWh (City version) / 90 kWh (Travel version), Power: 100 kW (City version) / 160 kW (Travel version). This makes sharing with other people easier without the need to swap keys, instead drivers receive an unlocking code which lets the driver access and use the vehicle for a pre-determined period. The reverse-hinged opening combined with no B-pillar makes it easy for passengers to get in the cabin. Batteries used in the extended Travel mode are taken out of the vehicle and stored in a charging station for use in other vehicles or to power equipment such as self-service bicycle charging stations or street lighting. Lastly, it is a revolution in human geography. Finishing off the front occupant space is a digital instrument panel composed of an L-shaped OLED screen, similar to the TreZor and SYMBIOZ concept cars, which displays driving, navigation and entertainment information across its entire 800mm width. Die Innenkabine ist mit einem versenkbaren Armaturenbrett, einem schwenkbaren Beifahrersitz und verschiebbaren Rücksitzen vollständig variabel. Acting like a virtual personal assistant, the AI on the can be managed in three ways: by touching the screens and console, by hand gestures, or by voice. Wenn sie nicht im Auto verwendet werden, können sie Geräte zu Hause oder sogar in der Nachbarschaft mit Strom versorgen. Renault currently offers the Highway and Traffic Jam Companion on its most recent vehicles (All-New Clio, All-New Captur, New Mégane). In its vision of sustainable mobility for all, Groupe Renault is committed to offering models with a range of size, weight, power and range adapted to all uses to meet all of the requirements of customers without restriction, in town and beyond. For more than 120 years, Renault has put humans at the centre of its philosophies when designing and developing its vehicles. This added space enables the front passenger seat to rotate and allows front occupant to sit facing the rear passengers in Share mode.

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