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I can credit Something Weird for my interest in the early black filmmakers Oscar Micheaux, Spencer Williams, Herb Jeffries, and the other all-black-cast films of the ‘30s and ‘40s. These discs included nudity-packed trailers for other sexploitation movies of the era. ( Log Out /  The aesthetic is, “Hey, we found the only copy of an obscure nudist-camp movie at the side of the road. Now that physical media is almost dead, it has also entered its golden age. Now that Vinegar Syndrome offers a “2k scan from 35mm negatives” of the John Holmes Nazisploitation movie Prisoner of Paradise, it renders Something Weird’s DVD-R version of the same film (retitled Nazi Love Island) obsolete. It’s a good time to be a trash-cinema consumer, and in this context, I’m overjoyed to see Something Weird Video—the grand poobah of all weirdo home-video companies—reclaim its rightful place at the top of the heap. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Something Weird holds a special place in my heart, for no distributor has done more to expand my understanding of what qualifies as a movie. We established some sort of unbreakable principle that before the night was over, we would also watch every piece of content on the DVD, which led to many late nights slogging through striptease acts from the 1950s. © Letterboxd Limited. You really gonna quibble over details?” Something Weird deserves a lot of credit for making the current Golden Age of Exploitation Blu-Ray possible, but it has also become a victim of its own success. ( Log Out /  Published 2017-06-01T16:01:21Z Updated 2019-07-08T19:15:03Z. He saved many thrown-out prints from abandoned labs and warehouses, and we can credit him and partners Frank Henenlotter and Lisa Petrucci for saving the last surviving copies of The Curious Dr. Humpp, Monster at Camp Sunshine, Confessions of a Psycho Cat, Bat Pussy, Murder a la Mod (an early directorial credit for Brian De Palma! In the early to mid 2000s, Image Entertainment released a line of DVDs pairing two films from the Something Weird archive with a raft of bonus shorts and trailers. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. We established some sort of unbreakable principle that before the night was over, we would also watch every piece of content on the DVD, which led to many late nights slogging through striptease acts from the 1950s. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Taking a page from the Criterion playbook, Vinegar Syndrome builds anticipation for their monthly announcements, commissions artful cover designs, cultivates a subscriber base that orders monthly packages, and offers semiannual 50% off sales. Join here. The idea of exposing our unique brand of exploitation and horror to their film fans is an exciting prospect. A list of 343 films compiled on Letterboxd, including 50,000 B.C. Something Weird also suffered a colossal blow when Mike Vraney died of cancer in 2014—although the website soldiers on without him, led by his wife and partner Lisa Petrucci. Its catalogue is a big, messy buffet of cultural detritus. About this list: All you kids... make me sick! Bat Pussy (1973), which may very well be the worst porno film of all time, will arrive on Blu-Ray in October, featuring “a new 2k scan from the only surviving 16mm theatrical print.” A 4k restoration of Ed Wood’s The Violent Years (1956) will follow. It’s exactly the kind of bizarre, nervy piece of trash that you can’t quite believe exists. A complete-ish list of the Image-distributed SWV feature films released to DVD and Blu-ray from 1999-2012. Not a day goes by that I don’t get excited knowing that their releases of Joe Sarno’s Red Roses of Passion and Gerard Damiano’s Throat: 12 Years After will be on my shelf within the next month. He was inspired by his teenage job as a theater projectionist. Upgrade to a Letterboxd Pro account to add your favorite services to this list—including any service and country pair listed on JustWatch—and to enable one-click filtering by all your favorites. A complete-ish list of the Image-distributed SWV feature films released to DVD and Blu-ray from 1999-2012. Despite Avery’s involvement, this movie is mostly fiction. Paul is using Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists with friends. A complete-ish list of the Image-distributed SWV feature films released to DVD and Blu-ray from 1999-2012. Expand your home video library from a huge online selection of movies at Even so, I was thrilled to discover that the company’s website offered hundreds of other movies deemed unsuitable for mass-market release: compilations of atomic, Christian, alcohol, drug, and driver’s-ed scare films… TV rarities… dozens and dozens of nudist-camp movies… hundreds of stag films… forgotten cartoons and TV commercials… obscure XXX double-features… unclassifiable “Sexy Shockers”… and “kooky kiddie” entertainments. ), and films by Herschell Gordon Lewis, Doris Wishman, Joe Sarno, Ed Wood, and other distinctive artisans. When Men Carried Clubs and Women Played Ding-Dong. Vraney began as a bootlegger but eventually formed business relationships with producers like David F. Friedman who were stunned that anyone was interested in their old work. ( Log Out /  (Before Clothing) (1963), The 7th Commandment (1961), The A-B-Cs of Love (1953), The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide (1972) and Agony of Love (1966). Get great deals on Something Weird In Dvds & Blu-Ray Discs. Many of the DVD-Rs on the Something Weird site are sourced from shoddy (and sometimes incomplete) prints and indifferently curated into random compilations and double features. Something Weird has, inevitably, been called “the Criterion Collection of exploitation cinema,” but unlike Criterion, there’s no pretense of exclusivity. As such, it’s a much-needed reminder of what makes Something Weird Video the greatest of them all. © Letterboxd Limited. Musings on the issues affecting us today. The latter was a tasteless Mondo-style documentary of the starlet visiting nudist camps, strip clubs, and transvestite beauty pageants around the world, breathily narrated by a Mansfield impersonator, climaxing with grisly photos of her fatal car crash. Since the only people still paying money for Blu-Rays are insane collectors like myself, companies like Arrow Video, Vinegar Syndrome, 88 Films, Synapse, and Blue Underground have to work extra-hard for our limited entertainment dollars, releasing cult oddities in deluxe, extras-packed editions. Who else would release three reels of silent outtakes from a lost Ed Wood film? All you kids... make me sick! Film data from TMDb. Some of the more memorable titles: My Tale is Hot (1964), in which aging vaudevillian “Little” Jack Little is tempted by Satan (a guy in a cheap devil costume) to cheat on his wife (the twist ending: Little is actually a harem-keeper and has dozens of wives); She-Man (1967), a lurid, black-and-white transgender sleazefest that was an early credit for Bob Clarke (A Christmas Story, Black Christmas); Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) (1969), which apparently began life as a standard Dracula movie before it was completely redubbed, What’s Up Tiger Lily?-style, into a comedy (opening scene: Dracula’s coffin creaks open; “Oy… have I gotta go to the bathroom…”); Psyched by a 4-D Witch (1973), an indescribable psychedelic patience-tester; Sin in the Suburbs (1964), one of many solemn morality tales by the Bergman of sexploitation, Joe Sarno; and Varietease (1954) and Teaserama (1955), two hourlong filmed burlesque shows that starred the one and only Bettie Page.

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