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Neben den Autonomen Regionen Spaniens verfügen auch die autonomen Städte Ceuta und Melilla über eigene Flaggen ebenso wie die untergeordneten Verwaltungseinheiten und die einzelnen Inseln der Balearen und Kanaren. A flag is the identity and in some cases representative of a country’s vast history and culture. All rights reserved. Schweiz | We have the most common formats for standard printers available. Um in Seeschlachten die Schiffe der Armada besser erkennen zu können, entschied Karl III., eine neue Marine- und Militärflagge einzuführen. Der purpurne Streifen erinnert an den Comuneros-Aufstand in Kastilien (1520–1522) gegen die Herrschaft König Karls I. Diese Flagge ist die einzige Nationalflagge, die einen purpurnen Streifen enthielt. The blue color symbolizes the coastal waters that surround the country. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Similar to other Spanish flags from nations that were once a part of the United States of Central America, the Nicaraguan flag shows a blue color in its upper and lower bands, and the middle part is white. Kroatien | Finally, the green represents the nation’s rich vegetation. The first use of the current flag design was in 1785. Jersey | Belgien | The blue represents liberty, the red is the blood of the national heroes, and white is for salvation. Transnistrien, Flaggen der Staaten von: HSA offers Spanish curricula for all ages. Staaten: Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Das Spruchband wird nicht gespiegelt, sodass es von beiden Seiten lesbar ist. The cornucopia seen at the bottom of the shield shows golden and silver coins spilling out of it, referring to the wealth of minerals found in the fertile soils of the country. On top of the scroll sits the Quetzal bird, a symbol of freedom. Monaco | As well, welcome to check new icons and popular icons. Spain Spanish Flag. Die ersten Flaggen der Königreiche auf der iberischen Halbinsel waren Wappenbanner; Flaggen, welche die Wappen der Könige wiedergaben. The Spanish flag shows a monarch who sought to own as much land as possible. The rainbow on the mountains is a symbol of peace. nine equal horizontal stripes of yellow (top, double width), and red, there is a Balearic castle in purple hoist-side upper left corner. Royal Standard or Royal Flag of King Juan Carlos I. Andorra | Das Staatswappen wurde hier von einem Adler gehalten. So, how does each country tell its own story through the symbols on its flag? The blue triangle on the hoist represents the sea. The colors of the Costa Rican flag are horizontal bands of red, blue and white. Spain’s coat of arms is off-centered towards the flag’s hoist. Clearly, Spanish has had a big impact on these four countries. 12 7 1. Both the government officials and civilians use the flag with the coat of arms displayed proudly. Spain Flag Fingerprint. Die Flagge Spaniens, im Sprachgebrauch auch „spanisch la Rojigualda“ (sinngemäß: „die Rot-Goldgelbe“), wurde am 19. These cookies do not store any personal information. The Flag of Spain was adopted in 1981. UTC (standard time) in Spain is UTC+01:00 and UTC+02:00 in summer. Åland | Presently, the six stars above the tree represent sovereign parts of the country: five islands off the coast and the mainland. The Puerto Rican flag is formed by a blue triangle on the left side. Dänemark | Schweden | They believed he was a direct descendant of the sun. The Spanish flag is a horizontal bicolour triband with in the center an emblem. Street Megalopolis Road. In all, this flag has a simple but harmonious style. 12 15 3. ► The symbols depicted in the Coat of Arms are as follows: ► The left half of the flag is called the hoist, and the right half fly. Paraguay gained independence from Spain in 1811 and adopted the flag in 1842. As a result, there are conflicting reports of meaning. Type in your name and email to get 6 weird, wacky, and super entertaining Spanish stories for you and your family! 57 27 7. The first use of the current flag design was in 1785. Tons of awesome Spanish flag wallpapers to download for free. Linked chains represent the Kingdom of Navarre. Asien | These high-quality coloring pages may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. In this short period, the flag of the First Republic consisted of the red and yellow stripes that we know of today, but the Coat of Arms contained only the lion and castle. Royal Standard or Royal Flag of the House of Bourbon. Es verweist auf das Haus Habsburg, da der erste in Spanien regierende Habsburger, Philipp der Schöne, als Erbe seiner Mutter Maria von Burgund den Titel eines Herzogs von Burgund führte, und wurde in der Bourbonen-Zeit weiterverwendet. ► On 1st April 1939, when the Spanish Civil War ended, Francisco Franco became the dictator; however, in 1936, the red and yellow bi-color flag was again re-established as the flag of Spain, this flag was again replaced in 1938, by a flag which had the eagle of John the Evangelist, the pillars which are seen on the current flag was placed outside the wings. Von 1506 bis 1785 zeigte die spanische Kriegsflagge mit Hinweis auf die Herkunft der herrschenden Dynastie das Kreuz von Burgund. No disrespect is to be shown, and careful measures are undertaken to make sure that the flag is not torn, damaged, or soiled. The design of the current flag was based on the 1785 naval ensign of the Kingdom of Spain, ruled then by Charles III. Österreich | Notably, it is one of the oldest Spanish flags in the world. Ultimately, flags are the most important symbol that a country can use to express their uniqueness. Montenegro | It is a tribute to the native Incas who worshiped the sun god Inti. The calling code for Spain is +34. Lastly, the red Phrygian cap is for the desire of all people for freedom. The capital city of Spain is Madrid. Kosovo | The proportion of the Spanish flag is 2:3. Mai 1785 zur neuen Flagge. There are twenty-one countries or territories worldwide that set Spanish as the official language. Tschechien | Schedule classes on any day of the week – you can take them on your own, or share a class and save money! The middle is white while the top and bottom are blue. The coat of arms is set on two crowned Pillars of Hercules … Military leader Manuel Belgrano led Argentina to independence against Spain in 1812. Each stands for a conquered territory. There are two red horizontal bands around a thick central yellow band where the coat of arms sits on the hoist side. Yellow represents both the sun and gold of their ancestors. ► Grief and mourning is denoted by hoisting the flag half-mast, and at times, a black thread or ribbon is tied on the flag, and distress is denoted by hoisting the Spanish flag upside down. ► The Cross of Burgundy is one of the most prominent and earliest flags used in Spanish history. White shows the universal color of peace. He designed the flag to build the image of a new nation. The shield has three emblems: the top left interior shows an ancestor of the llama, called the vicuña, and stands for freedom, national pride, and heroism. This is a list of Spanish flags, with illustrations. Use these color values if you need their national colors for any of your digital or print projects. Enjoy a magazine-style eBook with pictures and English-Spanish parallel text. He is the revolutionary credited for the design of the Venezuelan flag. offers a large collection of images of the Spanish flag. The flag of the Dominican Republic bears a large white cross as a symbol of its strong religious influence. The two Pillars of Hercules symbolize the Straits of Gibraltar and on top of the two pillars are two crowns, an imperial crown, and a royal crown. The blue behind the star represents the Pacific Ocean, whose waters flank the western shoreline from north to south. Similarly, the white represents purity like many other Spanish flags. It represents this with the white stripes on the flag that stand for patriotism. Zu weiteren Bedeutungen des Begriffs, Flaggen und Wappen der Autonomen Regionen Spaniens,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Spain is located in continental Europe.

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