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Get more travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox with our weekly newsletter. Discover the Power of Purple Corn with Inca Tea, Bromley Tea is a Family of Passionate Tea Lovers. He is said to have been immensely impressed and conferred special imperial status on the 18 tea bushes that grow in front of the temple. The primary health benefits are: Longjing Tea should be brewed with care so that optimal benefits, aroma, and flavor are obtained. Our Dragon Well tea is fully made according to original methods: It's handpicked and manually processed by skilled tea masters. After drinking the brew, so the story goes, she made a full recovery and the emperor declared longjing tea a cure for all ills, enhancing its popularity around the country. Although one is unlikely to drink vast quantities of this tea because it’s costly—and because one can have too much of a good thing—it’s advisable to limit one’s intake to (a generous) 1000 ml daily. I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys. Slow cooking is popular these days, but did you know you can cold brew green tea? In his haste to leave he placed the leaves he picked in the sleeve of his robe. The name probably comes from the local village of the same name, which in turn possibly got its name from an eponymous well, whose waters apparently twisted and danced like a Chinese dragon after heavy rainfall. 8 Reviews Add Your Review. The tea from these bushes, all of which are still living and producing, is auctioned annually for a price per gram that exceeds that of gold! Pregnant and menstruating women and individuals suffering from gastric conditions such as ulcers or conditions that cause inflammation are urged not to drink green tea. Too much of any green tea may cause anemia and gastric upset in some people. The very best stuff is worth more, even, than gold. Filter or strain the liquid poured from a teapot. The taste is smooth and never bitter and leaves a mild, lingering after-taste. The leaves before infusion should be flat, tightly folded, and light green in color. Once roasted, the leaves are ready for immediate consumption. From here, it’s an easy stroll up the road to Wengjiasha Village for more tea if you need it! It’s the perfect antidote to Hangzhou’s more hectic scenic spots. The young buds are harvested in early spring. It’s not just as a drink, however, that you can try longjing tea; many of Hangzhou’s local dishes use the tea leaves to add flavour. Broadly speaking, the real deal must come from the Zhejiang province and or from the XiHu district of China and not, as some look-alikes are, from Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan, or Guizhou provinces. A particularly nice and relatively easy trail takes you from Santai Shan Lu, just west of West Lake, up through forests dotted with the tombs of various local dignitaries. Zen tea refers to tea grown, made and consumed by monks only. The newer, second Longjing Scenic Area branch is further up the hill along Longjing Lu into ever-more densely planted tea fields. Make the most of your travel with sightseeing tours and activities from our trusted partners. Pour the water over the tea slowly and gently so that they leaves float on the surface. We tried with this Dragon Well green tea, and the result was amazing. It’s said that Emperor Qianlong (1735–1796), of the Qing dynasty, originally made longjing tea popular across China and eventually the world. The original branch is the nearer to the city, just on the edge of the tea plantation area and occupying several hectares of land dedicated to the art, cultivation and tasting of tea. It’s believed that the geographical area and the high quality of the waters in and around West Lake have a great deal to do with why the tea is so special. Not all of these benefits are concrete and written in stone, and this mainly serves to compile the different claims that are out there, some are backed up by studies, other aren’t, but here they are none the less. After this initial drying process, the leaves are dry stir-fried in a wok until they are nearly brittle enough to break when touched. This stir-frying method gives longjing tea leaves their characteristic flat shape and, when brewed, they produce a yellow-green tea that has a strong, robust flavour with a mild, lingering and lightly bitter after-taste. From here, the trail descends down past vast expanses of tea plantations and offers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. 93 100 1. Another feature—although it is copied to make look-alike, non-authentic teas—is that the leaves are folded so they look like flattened sticks or tea leaves. At both branches you can try different teas and learn about how and why this humble plant has had such a huge impact on the world. However, a porcelain lidded bowl or cup (a gaiwan) also works well. Be warned though – from summer through into autumn, Hangzhou is hot and humid, and mosquitos are ubiquitous. Call toll free 866-TEA … There are several stories about how the Emperor, who was a great traveler, first discovered this tea. Harvest season generally lasts from late March until the end of the summer, during which time you’ll see straw-hatted workers picking the leaves by hand and baskets of fresh leaves left out to dry in the sun all over the area. South of the lake perhaps China's most well-known tea regions, named after the lake. The special name of this Chinese green tea refers to an ancient village 'Dragon Well' southwest of the 'West Lake'. The most well known of these is longjing stir-fried prawns (lóngjǐng xiāré, 龙井虾仁), which combines juicy river prawns with the crunchiness of fresh tea leaves. There are various hiking trails leading from both Wengjiashan Village and Dragon Well Tea Village – two of the larger villages in the plantation area. When brewed, this tea is pale yellow-green and subtly aromatic. The path emerges at Yanxia Cave, a naturally formed limestone cave that features Buddhist statues carved into the walls. The famous Longjing Tea Village is also located here, to the southwest of West Lake. But where does the name itself come from? After rain the rainwater, which is lighter, floats and twists on the surface producing movement reminiscent of those of a Chines Dragon. It’s the perfect antidote to Hangzhou’s more hectic scenic spots. While that is no longer the case, the tradition has stuck. A more refined way of preparing and serving longjing can be enjoyed during a traditional tea ceremony at either of the branches of the China National Tea Museum or at one of the many high-end teahouses in the area, such as Ming Jia Ju Teahouse. While there may not be clinical studies to support all these claims, centuries of anecdotal evidence does – and as we always say, first and foremost, drink it because you enjoy it. The first version is that he was visiting tea plantations at Lion Peak Mountain (Shi Feng Shan) and was so interested in the tea-picking activities that he joined in. But it was the philosopher-poet Emperor Qianlong (1735 – 1796) of the Qing Dynasty who introduced this tea to the rest of the world.

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