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© 2018-2019 Oodles of Fun Kids Co. All Rights Reserved. The dish is simple: fried pieces of plantain with salt. Obe Ebolo 8.Obe Ajapa 9. It is also often mixed with Ewedu soup too. Skin your beans. Allow the water to completely dry out of the beans. This is a blend of de-shelled snails with pepper sauce and onion. Boil your ground pepper and get rid of excess liquid. Blend your fresh pepper and onions slightly so it isn’t entirely smooth. The ingredients required are: ewedu leaves, salt and locust beans (iru). My goal however is to start introducing her to the basics, and passing on the basics of how I was taught to make these recipes in a safe way. Boil the eggs and remove the shell, then cut them up into sizable bits. This is very necessary because moi-moi cooks with steam. This is a favored breakfast meal but can as well be eaten anytime of the day. Bleach the oil under medium heat until it becomes very transparent. Let the oil sit for a minute and then pour in your ground pepper and fry till the water contained in it dries up. Tempted to take chop but am on diet. Fry the onions in its juices on very low heat for just a few minutes. It should have a small amount of water, not too much though. What are Yorùbá foods and drink like? Stir this sauce and leave on low heat for 3-5 minutes. Allow to steam for about three to five minutes. Put in your washed dried fish too. The meal is ready to be served. Pour in your pepper, crayfish, salt and stock cubes to taste. Foods And Habits That Cause Kidney Disease, The Yoruba Leopard Is Not Here To Growl For A Secessionist Lamb, Nollywood Yoruba Actor Toyosi Arigbabuwo Is Dead: Veteran Actor Loses Battle To Diabetes, Arsonists Attack Yoruba Community In Akwa Ibom, Burn Over 2000 Houses [PHOTOS], Top 10 Easy Nigerian Food Recipes: Best Naija Dishes And How To Cook Them. Your email address will not be published. There are thousands of great blogs out there, help learn Yoruba Recipes! Original chops by Yoruba tribe. The ingredients needed are: 4 cups of beans, palm oil, 4 cups of corn, salt, seasoning cups, pepper (fresh or dry) and crayfish (optional). When it’s ready chop them up into sizable cubes. Wash the vegetables thoroughly, then blanch and chop it up. Allow to cook for 3 more minutes and turn off the heat. Place a pot on the fire and pour in about 7-8 cooking spoons of palm oil. Fried plantain is eaten in many cultures and the Yoruba people especially love to eat it in so many ways. This method is the much easier one. Put the parboiled beans into a pot and add in your 4 cups of corn as well. To see our locust beans stew recipe… The ingredients needed are: 20 yellow scotch bonnet pepper, 20 green habanero pepper, 2 green bell pepper, locust beans (iru), salt, stock cubes, onions, ground crayfish, palm oil, beef, chicken, stock fish, ponmo, shaki and dry fish. Half way through cooking, wash and chop your onion and add it to the dish. TOOLS AND KITCHEN EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Immersion Blender Non-slip cutting board A Kid Safe Knife Colander Wooden Spoon Stock Pot Bowl. Let it stay on the fire for another 3-4 minutes and turn off the heat. Add one more table spoon of Cray fish and slightly stir. It is simple to make. Dodo. This parboiling process gets rid of chemicals which may disagree with your system. The ingredients needed are: a medium sized tuber of water yam, locust beans, crayfish, fresh pepper, palm oil, dry fish, smoked fish, boiled beef, ponmo, shaki, salt and stock cubes. Asaro is the Yoruba name for yam porridge. See more ideas about Food and drink, Food, Ethnic recipes. I look forward to comments or new ways to prepare the same foods or different Yoruba foods you share with your family. The ingredients required are: 4 cups of brown beans, 2 cups of ground fresh tomatoes, freshly ground pepper, onions, crayfish, palm oil, salt, stock cubes. Alákàn, akàn; crab. Wash and debone the smoked and dry fish. Yoruba Food & Cuisine. Know how to make this basic staple and you are halfway in making a whole lot of Yummy Yoruba Recipes! Thoroughly wash your dry fish to get rid of sand and dirt, then remove the bones. Turn down the heat of your stove and let the soup steam for another 1 minute and turn off the heat. Iyán loúnjẹ, ọkà loògùn, àì rí rárá làá jẹ̀kọ, k'ẹ́nu má dilẹ̀ ni ti gúgúrú - >>>>>>>>>>>>> Pounded yam is food, ọkà (kind of cassava food) is medicine, there is no food, we eat ẹ̀kọ (corn food), pop corn is snacks. Cover the pot with a very tight lid. The kind and amount of fresh pepper you use, is totally up to you and your level of endurance for spicy food. May be because,you have been living in Lagoos or outside yoruba Land, We have many recipe in Yoruba Land 1.Efo Riro- Spinach 2.Obe Olowonjeja—Conyza —good for Asthma 3.Obe Isapa 4.Obe Worowo–Solanecio Biafrae 6. The weekend is here… It is time to wine and dine. Then wash and drain repeatedly until you get rid of the entire chaff. Grind the iru and crayfish as well. Add a little water and put in your cooked and chopped ponmo, meat and shaki, dried and smoked fish. Ewedu is served with tomato stew and goes with various Nigerian swallows. As a mum, who has a daughter who was getting curious about food, and who would love to pass on the Yoruba traditions and food culture to her kids, I decided to start a compilation of really simple recipes. The water level should be an inch or two above the level of the beans. Gradually mix until it blends in, then pour into the boiling water and whisk it in. If you don’t mind, then leave it whole. Obe Gbure 13.Obe Amunutut 14.Obe Gbegiri 15.Obe Ewedu Ewa agonyi is a well favored meal amongst beans lovers and even non-beans lovers because of its unique taste. Pour in the ground pepper and onions, stir and allow it fry. Stir the mixture and add some warm water. Hope you and kids can get the kitchen and get to cooking. Place the yam into a pot and add some water. Top 10 Easy Nigerian Food Recipes: Best Naija Dishes And How To Cook Them Nigeria is... Igbo Foods And Recipes: Popular Igbo Foods, Dishes And How To Make Them The Igbo people... Tribes & Ethnic Groups In Nigeria And Their Foods The diversity of the people who make... A Visit To Mama Afrika Foods, Restaurant Owner In Irvington  NJ, Dupe Ogundare Meet The Nigerian... Can you write a healthy recipe with step by step instruction of how to cook healthy... HOW TO START A PROFITABLE FAST FOOD EATERY AND RESTAURANT BUSINESS IN NIGERIA. Place your pot on the fire. Wash and grate the okro and also the chop the ugwu leaves. The ingredients required are: 4 cups of beans, fresh pepper (tatshe and rodo), 2 medium sized onions, ground crayfish, vegetable oil, salt, seasoning cubes, 3 eggs, and 1 medium sized fish. Easy to make from a kid’s perspective. Most foods are eaten with bare hands (fingers), although some foods can be eaten using cutleries. Stir and add water if necessary. Set all these aside. Turn off the heat and serve ofada stew with ofada rice. Add stock cubes and salt to taste. The ingredients required for preparing this soup are: efo tete, dried fish, smoked fish, ponmo, shaki, onions, palm oil, fresh bonnet pepper, salt, seasoning cubes and iru (locust beans). Wash your peeled yam and grate into a bowl using the very small side of your grater. After which you drain the water and rinse the beans. Great idea for a snack, it can be served on toothpicks. It should be over cooked and therefore very easy to mash into a paste. Clean, wash, season and boil the ponmo and shaki. Add a little water and blend these two together and pour into a pot, add salt and cook for about 5 minutes. For the smoked and dry fish, wash, open them up and get rid of the bones. In another pot, pour in palm oil and place on medium heat. There are thousands of great blogs out there, help learn Yoruba Recipes! Debone it when it’s ready and mash a bit. Allow to cook without a pot lid for about 5 minutes, then turn down the heat and allow to simmer for another 5 minutes and it is ready. Place a pot containing 2 cups of water on the fire and let your stove be on low heat. Yorùbá have so many foods, snacks made from corn, this is one. Allow this mixture boil for a few minutes and turn off the heat. These recipes may not always be full and complete meals, but I can assure you, as they learn how to make little part of a meal, they will be whipping out full menus in no time! Clean and soak your beans in water for about 4 hours. Kókóró - a Yorùbá snacks made from corn. TOOLS AND KITCHEN EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Frying pan Kid-Safe Knife Measuring cup Chopping board, The Mother Sauce, popularly knowns as “Ọbẹ̀ Ata” in Yoruba, is a sauce used as a base in making several Yorùbá Recipes. It is a common and popular dish in Lagos street food vendors, is also common elsewhere in Nigeria. Use about 3 tablespoons of palm oil to dissolve the one cup of ogbono.

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