Frequently Asked Questions

We award grants to organizations for projects that are generally within the areas of Annapolis Maryland, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and New York City.

Review of a full grant request varies with complexity. However, the average review process is approximately 90 days.  Our staff may be in contact with you during the process. You will be notified if we need additional information, a phone call, or site visit which may increase the 90-day review.

Please remember that we do not take unsolicited grant requests. You may apply for a grant as often as you are invited to do so. In general this is no more than once in a calendar year.

Yes. Our grants are limited to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

  • Organizations and individuals that are not tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Food Banks, with the exception of Food Co-ops and Disaster Relief or in conjunction with a larger solution driven program.
  • Political campaigns and action groups, lobbying efforts, advocacy, protests, and demonstrations
  • Debt Management
  • Sponsorships, events, tournaments, crowd-funding, fundraising campaigns, awards, or entrance tickets
  • Salaries, stipends, artists in residency programs, speaking fees, honorariums, internships or other payments to individuals for services, with the exception of Workforce Development programs that are part of a larger solution driven program.

We award capital and program grants. We do not typically award grants to cover operating costs, except for occasional grants for repairs or maintenance to existing fixed assets.


We award grants for capitalized projects and items such as building or room renovations, equipment or technology upgrades, furniture, and other tangible items that improve work conditions for employees and/or improve the organization’s ability to achieve its mission.

For capital campaigns, the Foundation will consider grants once specific, confirmed plans are complete, confirmed total project costs are known, and the amount of other grants and donations are known.


In addition to aligning with our mission, values, and areas of interest, we look for evidence of organizational health, effective management and leadership, and organizations that have the resource capacity to achieve the stated goals.  We believe that the biggest factor contributing to the achievement of an organization's mission is their management team. The mission is vital, but they must also have the internal capacity to execute that mission.

Sometimes. Our staff will contact organizations to set up a site visit when necessary.

Applicants with grant requests that are declined get notified by email with a brief, personalized explanation for the decline. Approved grant requests will receive an email as well as a phone call. The final grant offer is provided in print as well.


Please fill out our 990 Request Form at this link.