Fresh Air and Sunshine at Historic London Town and Gardens

 Are you feeling a little quarantine fatigue?  We all want and need to stay safe, but many are feeling antsy as well. That’s how I felt recently as another day began.  I decided to take a little trip to Historic London Town and Gardens. The fresh air, change of scenery, and beautiful surroundings made for a perfect day. 

Historic London Town and Gardens, one of our recent grantees, is a lovely 23-acre park featuring history, archaeology, and beautiful gardens on the South River in Edgewater, Maryland. Visitors can walk through the park’s William Brown House living history museum or view ongoing archaeological endeavors. There’s also a mile-long trail showcasing native and exotic plant species. They offer a wide variety of creative events and educational programs that you can safely participate in despite the pandemic.  Or, like me, you can just take a walk, bring a picnic, and enjoy some fresh air. 

As we walked around that day, Rod Cofield, Executive Director of London Town, showed us the picnic area that will soon be the site for a groundbreaking ceremony.  A new Education Pavilion is being built. Phillips Charitable Foundation has awarded two grants towards this exciting project. It had rained the day before and the picnic tables were still wet. That was a reminder of how helpful it will be to have an actual pavilion.  Picnics and school field trips won’t have to be canceled due to a little rain! The Education Pavilion will enable London Town to accommodate more events, school children, and field trips. It will expand their educational offerings as visitors discover history and horticulture in their own community. 


Our choices for entertainment are quite limited these days.  Yet, Historic London Town and Gardens remains open and available. This is a highly recommended outing filled with fresh air, beautiful scenery, history, archeology, and horticulture. Enjoy a 30-minute walking tour or bring the kids for an educational program with hands-on learning about colonial life. Maybe you’d enjoy their upcoming event called Colonial Cocktails. You’ll get to make and enjoy two historical drinks and learn about colonial tavern culture. They have so much to offer! 



At Phillips Charitable Foundation we are excited to return there again for groundbreaking. We’ll be sure to take some photos and share an update. 


As a side note, just a few days after our visit, a tornado touched down in Edgewater, Maryland.  Historic London Town experienced some damage due to fallen trees and debris.  Unfortunately, some of those nice picnic tables were crushed by enormous trees.  If you’d like to donate towards helping the clean-up, there is more information on their website.  A quick clean-up will be helpful as plans are made for the groundbreaking. 

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