Receiving a competitive grant lends credibility to your organization and is a great opportunity for publicity. The publicity will help to build awareness about your organization’s work in the community. This page contains both suggestions and requirements about sharing the news about your grant.


As listed on your grant contract:

  • Grantees must allow Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. to review and approve the text of any proposed press release concerning the grant prior to its release.
  • Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. may include information regarding this grant, including the amount and purpose of the grant, any photographs authorized and provided, logo or trademark, or other information or materials about Grantees and its activities in PCF’s periodic public reports, newsletters, blog, social media, and news releases.


Many of our grant recipients successfully earn media coverage when they issue a press release about a grant award. An article about the good work that your organization does tends to attract more attention than an advertisement or fundraising email. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you choose to send a press release to your local papers, we encourage you to include a high-resolution photograph.

This is a press release template that you may use. You should adjust it to fit your needs.  However, do not alter the boilerplate statement about Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. that appears at the bottom of the template.


Please use “Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc.” when referring to the organization.  When including a description, please use the following:

Phillips Charitable Foundation Inc., (PCF), founded in 2016, supports charitable organizations that provide a genuine impact in the lives of others by solving problems, removing obstacles, and leading to lasting solutions. Grant giving is focused in the areas of education and humanitarianism.  Through its grant-giving, PCF aims to bring measurable improvements in the prosperity, health, and vitality of people and communities. To learn more, visit 


We love to highlight the impact and accomplishments of our grantees on social media. We use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  If your organization uses any of these social media sites, you may want to connect with us.

Mention us or tag us when sharing information about your grant.  We’ll be sure to reciprocate by sharing the information.  If your organization does not use these social media sites, now is a great time to consider signing up to share your news.


We are always interested in capturing stories about the accomplishments of our grantees, especially as related to awarded grants.  We write and publicize articles on our website and typically link them to our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  It’s a good opportunity for publicity for our grantees.  If you have a story or accomplishment to share, please contact Jennifer Good by emailing inquire @


We encourage you to capture photos of purchases, projects, and accomplishments that result from the grant. We’d be glad to share them on our social media and/or use them in stories about your organization.

Some of our grantees want a photograph of a Phillips Charitable Foundation representative presenting the grant award to their organization. We have a large 2′ x 4′ check template that we use for this purpose. If you’re interested in a photo of the check presentation, please contact Jennifer Good at inquire @