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City, State (DATE)  – (Organization) is pleased to announce it has received a $XXX grant from Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. These funds will support the (program name or description and BROAD overview of intended use of funds, 1-2 sentences)

(Insert short quote from your president, executive director or board chair about the impact this grant will have on the organization and related program or project.)

(3-5 sentences describing the problem to be solved with the funds, who will be served, and/or perhaps how it relates to your mission. This is where you discuss details about the project or plan.)

(Summarize with an additional quote from the director or another staff person.  If you would like a quote from PCF, please contact Jennifer Good.)


About (Organization Name)
(Insert Boilerplate. Boilerplate statements are usually found at the end of a press release, and briefly describes the organization.)

About Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Phillips Charitable Foundation Inc. (PCF), founded in 2016, supports charitable organizations that provide a genuine impact in the lives of others by solving problems, removing obstacles, and leading to lasting solutions. Grant giving is focused in the areas of education and humanitarianism.  Through its grant-giving PCF aims to bring measurable improvements in the prosperity, health, and vitality of people and communities. To learn more, visit