How We Give

Phillips Charitable Foundation administers Grant Initiatives through the calendar year touching each of our funding areas. Our funding and priorities are carefully curated therefore we do not accept unsolicited grant requests. We do, however, want to get to know the good work that non-profit organizations are doing so please familiarize yourself with the information on this page.  If you feel that your organizational mission aligns well with our areas of giving and geographic areas, we welcome you to introduce your organization by filling out our Contact Us form.

Where We Give

We award grants to organizations for projects that are generally within the general areas of Annapolis Maryland, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and New York City.

What We Fund

Preserving human dignity through solution-driven endeavors to improve self-sufficiency by funding programs such as workforce development, dignified living, respite and alternative therapies for vulnerable populations.

Innovative and engaging approaches to learning by funding programs such as literacy, alternative communication methods, general and special education, and arts and cultural programs that foster historical preservation.

Entities Eligible for Grants

  • Organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Organizational mission aligns with Phillips Charitable Foundations’ mission, values and granting initiatives
  • Organizations that demonstrate strong fiscal and managerial health
  • Grants that will be used for and benefit groups in the United States of America

What We Like to Fund

  • Projects that solve problems
  • Projects that educate
  • Projects that alleviate suffering
  • Tangible items needed in your organization that are hindering you from moving your mission forward

Grant Application

Phillips Charitable Foundation grant applications are by invitation only and will be sent by email direct to the applicant. The formal grant application invitation will have a specific deadline by which we must receive the final application. We recommend downloading and reading our Grant Guidelines prior to completing our grant application.

Unspent Funds Policy

We encourage and expect applicants to take particular care in submitting realistic and carefully cultivated financial needs of their organization. In signing a grant agreement, it is conditional on the following: “any portion of grant funds unexpended at the end of the grant period shall be returned immediately to Phillips Charitable Foundation unless a request for an extension has been approved.”

See our Unspent Funds Policy to read our guidelines for unspent funds.


Receiving a competitive grant lends credibility to your organization and is a great opportunity for publicity. It's a perfect way to show the good work that your organization is doing. We publicize many of our grants and also write and share stories about our grantees. We can offer assistance in preparing your own Press Release or other publicity as well. Once your grant is awarded, we will contact you about publicity options.

Post Grant Report

Our success as Grantmakers depends on our grantees’ impact and success. In an effort to assess this impact and use our resources wisely, grantees are required to complete a Grant Report.  The information helps us to continuously improve our internal processes and future grantmaking decisions. It contains simple questions requiring written responses as well as a financial accounting for the grant received. We consider ourselves partners with our grantees and encourage candid and open communication in final reports. It’s an opportunity for grantees to showcase their accomplishments as well as share their lessons learned.