Marie Barth Grant Opportunity

At Phillips Charitable Foundation we are in our inaugural year of awarding grants. Founded just two years ago, this is the year for exploration and for learning about the great work that’s being accomplished by nonprofit organizations in our service areas. 

The first grant opportunities offered were Marie Barth Community Focused Grants. Marie Barth was the mother of Howard Phillips Jr. who recently passed away, leaving his entire estate to the Phillips Charitable Foundation. Marie was very influential in Howard’s life. Those who knew him well knew how much he loved and admired his mom. Their family was frugal with their money which is why it is now available to help so many good causes.

Not only is the name of the grant meaningful to everyone at Philips Charitable Foundation, the grant procedures were also chosen with purpose.

As a young Marie Barth wrote in 1909: “Knowing that cents make dollars and that small coins, if used properly, accomplish great ends…  we made this grant opportunity available to small organizations generally overshadowed in the larger granting arena. These small organizations often have needs such as a new computer or appliance, a repair, or something else that gets in the way of working towards their mission but that just isn't in the budget. The typical grant request procedures are often not worth the time and effort considering the smaller dollar amounts being requested. For these organizations, often short on time, staff, and funding, a simple streamlined process makes it possible to apply for a grant. This was the intent of the Marie Barth grant procedures.

Requests for Marie Barth grant applications ended on May 1st. Final grant applications are still coming in. Check back soon to learn about all of the grant recipients.



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