Winter 2022 Grant Awards

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Phillips Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce six grant awards that begin our 2022 grant-giving series.

Through research, conversations, and recommendations from prior grantees, we became impressed by the work and achievements of four nonprofits that are new to the Phillips Charitable Foundation community. They received four of the six recent grants. The four new grantees are Benedictine School for Exceptional Children, Jubilee Association, Clearly School for the Deaf, and Pennsylvania Women Work.


The Benedictine School helps children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve their greatest potential. A year-round educational program and a 365-day residential program are offered. The school’s history dates back to 1890 when the Sisters of St. Benedict began a school for “young ladies and girls” known as St. Gertrude Academy. The Benedictine School was later established in 1959.

The Benedictine School was awarded a $48,558 grant for adult group home health and safety renovations. The renovations will take place in two of their group homes.  Renovations will include new flooring, upgraded kitchen, and fire suppression equipment. The result will be a physically and environmentally safer home for the individuals who are aging in place there now, the staff that work there, and for others in years to come.

Fun Time Baking at Benedictine School

Thank You Message From Jubilee


Jubilee Association of Maryland serves clients in Montgomery County, Maryland. They provide opportunities and support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in and enrich their community while fulfilling their personal, family, social, and spiritual needs. Founded in 1978, the aim was to move people out of institutions and into homes where they could be a part of the community. Then in 2007 Jubilee stopped purchasing group homes to prioritize supporting people where they want to live. They now strive to support individuals in their own homes through a wide variety of services and assistance.


Jubilee Association was awarded $9,000 for a staff training program. The training will improve staff’s ability to create individual support plans, or Person-Centered Plans, for each client. Each client has goals related to safety and comfort, community integration, relationships, self-determination, and life goals. The plans are reviewed with clients throughout the year. This plan is all part of the goal of bringing measurable improvements in the prosperity, health, and vitality of the people served by Jubilee Association.

New York

Cleary School for the Deaf provides access to language, communication, and learning that will prepare students for essential academic and life skills.  Cleary School serves students from birth to 21 years of age, striving to prepare children who are deaf to become active and contributing members of society.

A $65,390 grant was awarded for audiological equipment and a large partition in the gymnasium. The audiological equipment helps students learn, communicate, and connect with others. It opens the world to them enabling them to meet critical developmental milestones. The gymnasium partition will absorb vibrations and create smaller spaces, thus reducing distractions for students with sensory issues.  The audiological equipment and the new partition will together assure that students have the tools and environment needed to learn, feel safe, and contribute as thriving members of the community.



Pennsylvania Women Work is a workforce development organization dedicated to helping individuals find financial stability. Serving mostly women, their goal is to transform lives through empowerment, employment, and economic independence. Unique and life-changing programs are offered to help individuals find lasting employment that pays a family-sustaining wage.

Pennsylvania Women Work was awarded a $20,000 grant for general operating support. The funds will be used for workforce development programs. This includes a wide variety of training, coaching, and mentorship opportunities. Individuals are matched with the programs and services that will serve them best. Career planning, resume preparation, interview skills, communication skills, and financial management are just some of the skills taught. Since its founding, Pennsylvania Women Work has helped over 65,000 women in career transition overcome the economic, educational, and emotional obstacles to achieving meaningful employment.

Training Session at PA Women Work


In addition to the four new grantees, we also awarded two grants to previous grantees. These nonprofit organizations continue to thrive and impress us with their work and results. We value the relationships we have cultivated with these organizations.


The Light House serves community members who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. They work to remove barriers to success and assist clients to achieve an improved quality of life, becoming less dependent on public services and moving into the economic mainstream.

A $20,000 grant was awarded for general operating costs. This is to help alleviate the new costs and services related to a 40% increase in clients over the past two years. Despite the increased clients, Light House continues to provide food, safe housing, financial assistance, job training and more while also enhancing programs and adjusting to the long-term impact of the pandemic.

Light House Bistro Staff Preparing Meals

New York

Xavier Society for the Blind, founded in 1900, provides religious, spiritual, and inspirational reading materials in braille and audio to blind and visually impaired individuals. These materials are provided free of charge.

A $25,000 grant was awarded for the production of Mass Propers in braille. These contain the four Sunday Mass readings and responses for the month. The Mass Propers enable their clients to be as much a part of the liturgy as their sighted parishioners. Publication and distribution of the Mass Propers in braille are unavailable from any other source so they truly fill an important need.


Congratulations to these six stand-out nonprofit organizations. On behalf of Phillips Charitable Foundation, thank you for all the work you do to provide a genuine impact in the lives of others by solving problems, removing obstacles, and leading to lasting solutions.


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